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Scandinavian style home decor

If you're looking for a decorating style that is comfortable and refreshing, then it's time to take a look at Scandinavian decor. Also incorporating a lot of natural elements, Scandinavian style decor is perfect for our hot summer months, and you can dress up this style to be as casual or as formal as you prefer.


With emphasis on beautiful yet functional everyday objects, Scandinavian style decor revolves around beauty without cost. Most items that are a part of Scandinavian decor are natural and organic, or low-cost items affordable for everyone. You only have to take a look at international furniture designers, Ikea, bemz, and BoConcept, to get an idea of what Scandinavian style is all about.

Trendy, practical and affordable drives Scandinavian design, but this is a style that involves many do-it-yourself aspects.

Open plan apartments or small cosy flats, the pure lightness of a white canvas, white furniture and a spattering of wood pieces and colourful accents work together to create visually spacious interiors that are for living.

Texture is an all-important element of Scandinavian design, and is what makes this style so comfortable. Knobbly knitted throws, shag-pile rugs, string or rope lamp shades, gloss finishes and natural wood may seem like an eclectic mix, but Scandinavian style has a way to bring all these elements together.

Forget wall-to-wall carpets, this style is all about wooden floors - left natural or painted white - with floor-hugging rugs in textures ranging from faux fur to natural coir.

This Scandinavian-vintage inspired home plays host to recycled furniture and faded treasures reminiscent of yesteryear. Plain linen bedspread and a worn iron bed create a soft relaxed bedroom that is at once feminine and romantic, sentimental and elegant.

A secondhand dining table lovingly restored is flanked by bentwood chairs in this comfortable and casual kitchen-dining room. The walls are clad in white painted pine panels to add texture and warmth.

Bringing together chic design and comfy casuals, Scandinavian style blends old and new seamlessly and as if they were meant for each other.





It's a hodge-podge of retro, modern, minimalist with a dash of vintage thrown in for effect. With emphasis of white-on-white, Scandinavian style is perfect for South African interiors, and it's strange that this style should feature predominantly in one of the coldest regions.

Mid-century furniture, from designers such as Arne Jacobsen, make an appearance as stand-out pieces.

White walls, floors and ceilings provide a fresh canvas for the a home filled with vibrant pops of colour. While, modern furnishings and accents mix beautifully with homey casual pieces.

White is not just white... think absolute and brilliant white, and add a few whisper whites - with just a hint of creamy colour. Scandinavian style relies on a mix of textures to add depth and interest. It's all about easy elegance with a dash of sophistication or style. Dress small space interiors with white walls and light coloured floors to make borders disappear and create a fresh, visually enlarged interior.  

Bring Scandinavian style to South Africa, Space For Life, offer a range of beautifully designed and well-crafted furniture pieces from the fifties and younger, made by gifted Scandinavian designers and crafters.

Add Scandinavian style to your home with revamped and upcycled treasures, smooth slipcovered furniture, textured lampshades and rugs, and a few select accessories in neutrals or bold.

Windows take centre stage and require minimal dressing to allow plenty of natural light to flow into interiors.

Comfort is key in Scandinavian style and furniture should be cosy enough to sit back and relax or entertain friends. Slipcovered furniture allows you to decorate with white without having to worry about keeping it clean. Mix up shades of white, ivory and cream in various textures for a layered depth.

Bring in splashes of fresh colour with distinctive floral prints, collected or found treasures and your own personal touch to create Scandinavian decor. Create a casual and informal setting with junk shop finds and homemade items, and mix rather than match furniture and accessories for a touch of rustic warmth.

But it's not all about white-on-white, introduce a light colour palette with doses of pattern from the same colour swatch to achieve an equally cool and modern Scandinavian interior. Light greys, unbleached linens, natural tones and soft whites paired with metal, glass and concrete, create a perfect balance of dark and light, textured and smooth, elegance and structure for a chic and serene look.

And don't forget the all-essential ingredient for Scandinavian style... fresh, seasonable flowers!