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Modern home filled with warm wood accents

Designed by Artistic Designs for Living, this modern home is filled with beautiful wood accents that fill this home with warmth and atmosphere.


A cosy place to play
The childrens play room features a stone-clad fireplace fitted with a tempered glass screen. Light coloured flooring carries the colour of the stone fireplace through the room, in contrast to the white walls and trim. Eco-friendly design for the children's desk and chairs continue the organic theme of this home.





Rustic finishes
Sliding barn doors are fitted throughout the home. Here in South Africa we don't have the luxury of being able to buy barn doors, but it's a fairly simple project to make your own sliding barn doors and they can be fitted with a sliding mechanism that can be painted to create the look of vintage fittings.

Reclaimed timber cabinets
The main bedroom, walk-in closet and en-suite bathroom incorporate natural and organic elements. Bamboo blinds are fitted throughout and raw wood cabinets provide plenty of storage in the closet and bathroom. This is the perfect opportunity to look out for reclaimed flooring that can be repurposed into fittings for any home.