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Clever Ways to Introduce Colour to a Home

Are the rooms in your house starting to feel a little dreary and dull? Try one of these clever ways to add some colour to your home decor.




Step out of your comfort zone and be daring enough to add colour to your living spaces!



It doesn't matter if your budget is small or large, you are bound to find at least one way to add colour to your living spaces using one of the ideas below. With budget in mind, we look at several options that won't break the bank that let you be a little creative with colour to infuse life and personality into a room or your home.









1. Perfectly Plump Pillows

Rooms decorated in neutral colours are great, but when you take it to extremes and everything else is a neutral colour, after a while it becomes boring. Minimalism is all about the lack of colour, but even then, they like to bring a bold splash of colour into rooms to liven it up.



Whether your colour scheme is white, beige, or grey, there is nothing like adding a dash of bold colour to refresh the space and the easiest way to do this is to add a few carefully selected cushions. Having said that, with prices going the way they are, even cushions are becoming expensive so, treat yourself to a basic sewing machine, pop into your nearest fabric shop and stock up on colourful fabrics that you can make into cushion covers.



Not only can cushions be used to add colour, but they also add texture, pattern and, more importantly, comfort. Consider the main colours used in the room - or lack of - and decide which colours you would prefer to have as accent colours. For example, in the living room below, the colours for the cushions take their cue from the artwork on the wall.







2. Fabulous Flooring

With fitted carpeting being replaced by alternative flooring solutions such as tiles and laminated flooring, rugs and mats have become a feature for any room in a home. The right rug can set the mood of a room, add warmth underfoot and be used to set zones for an open plan living space. But more than that, rugs can also be used to bring colour, texture, and pattern to any room.



The right rug can elevate any room, taking it from bland to beautiful simply by adding colour and texture. In a room that lacks any bold colour and is decorated primarily in neutral hues, adding a rug infuses energy. And any rug you choose doesn't have to have bold colours - subtle and muted hues will work just as well.



A good quality rug will be an investment that becomes valuable over time. Splurge on at least one quality rug for your home.



If you are still experimenting with colour and not sure how to proceed, using a single colour as an accent colour for a room is the best way to start. As you become more comfortable, you can consider adding a few bright spots of complementary or contrasting colour.







3. Luminous Lighting

Every room needs layers of light, from a central feature to light up the room, table, or floor lamps for reading or relaxing, or even accent lighting to highlight features and accessories. Artificial lighting lights up the night and can also be used to introduce a certain style element or, as in this case, a bit of colour.



It isn't always easy to find table lamps in the perfect colour for a room, so why not buy an inexpensive white lamp and spray paint in your choice of vibrant colour.



4. Underestimated Upholstery

Colourful upholstered furniture never seemed to quite catch on as a trend locally. We are so attuned to looking at furniture in traditional colours that anything else just feels wrong. But don't underestimate the power of an upholstered piece of furniture and what it can do to a bland room. Even a small chair upholstered in a bold colour can make a room pop and picking up a secondhand chair that needs to be re-upholstered is a great way to introduce a unique accent piece.



The advantage of having a room decorated in neutral or monochromatic colours is the ability to bring almost any colour into the room to bring it to life.



An affordable solution to an upholstered piece is to make and upholster an ottoman for a living room. Choose a fabric that complements the style and colour of the room.





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