Cover up popcorn or textured ceiling

I know that there are many homes, mine included, that have popcorn ceilings. Double-storey or homes with a concrete slab loft are often finished off with a popcorn plaster. Here's how to cover up a popcorn or textured ceiling.



Where popcorn or textured ceilings are not peeling or cracked, adding styrene tiles is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to cover up a popcorn ceiling . Rather than have to go through the process of scraping away the popcorn finish and end up with a pile of mess - simply glue up the tiles. The only important factor is to use solvent-free or natural-cure adhesive or silicone to secure the tiles.



Styrene ceiling tiles are lightweight and easy to cut, reducing the amount of  time spent on installation. The only downside to these types of tiles is that they are not fire retardant.