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New Trend: Painted Door Frames and Wall Openings

There is a new trend making the rounds... if you don't fancy painting the walls for a splash of colour - why not just paint a door frame!


I'm a big fan of colour in my home, but not in large doses. I have tried painting walls in trendy colours and have got tired of changing the colours with the ins and outs of what's trending. I love this idea of being able to add some colour to a room simply by painting the frame around the door or any opening / arch, or even one edge of a door, and it gives you the opportunity to introduce pops of bold colour without too much cost and very little effort. Even if it is a trend, you might decide you like it so much you keep your door frames painted in bright colours!







Don't you just love the pop of orange that peeps out at the edge of the door!

Use colours from a room to add an interesting feature around door frames!

Darker or bright colours provide greater impact and an eye-catching feature.

Painted door frames and wall openings are similar to painting trim in different colours and is an easy way to bring high-impact style to your home, especially if you don't fancy the idea of painting an entire wall in a bold colour.





If you want to try out this look in your own home, grab some painter's tape to mask off the areas around where you will be painting, put down a drop cloth or some newspaper, and pop into your nearest paint store to buy a small can of water-based or oil-based enamel paint in your favourite colour.

Apply 2 to 3 coats of paint, allowing sufficient drying time between each coat.

In a home that is decorated in monochromatic colours or a neutral colour palette, painting a door frame or wall arch in a bold colour adds character!

If you don't think that a door frame adds enough colour, be brave and paint the entire door in a bold colour- that's sure to make an even bigger impact!

If you prefer the impact without the colour, try outlining a door frame in a solid black gloss paint.



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