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Home Design Trends To Make A Small Townhouse Look Big

Those who are planning to buy a townhouse must know how to decorate it cleverly to maximise space inside the property.


The First National Bank (FNB) reported that as much as 59.2 percent of the latest residential properties built in South Africa in early 2019 were townhouses and apartments. According to FNB property economist, Siphamandla Mkhwanazi, this trend could be the result of the rapidly urbanising population in the country. He also explained that it might be due to the increasing densification in the cities. Another reason for this is the constant changes in the property buyers' preferences. But properties like townhouses have limited space. That is why those who are planning to buy one must know how to decorate it cleverly to maximise space inside the property.

Local And Sustainable Designs

More people in South Africa are starting to show their support to local and sustainable items. The same is true in the design of their dream homes. Homeowners are beginning to research local designers who create furniture based on the country's rich culture. They are also working with local home building companies to come up with a design that they can apply at home. According to custom building specialists Paradisa Homes, companies that work with clients to create custom homes create innovative designs that fulfil the dream of the homeowner, and this means that local and sustainable design can be incorporated.

Incorporating Geometric Shapes

Basic shapes like squares, rectangles and circles are taking a back seat in today's interior design trends in South Africa. This is to give way to the geometrical shapes that are currently taking over in newly constructed modern homes in the country. Most of these fun shapes are used to decorate the walls this year. For those who want to step out of the box, incorporating these shapes to break the monotonous pattern of a home is a good call.

Eye-catching Statement Ceilings

Interior design experts believe that ceilings are now rapidly starting to become the "fifth wall" to any room inside the house. For this reason, they are beginning to be accessorised with as many decorations as the other four walls inside a room. Homeowners in the country have the option of making the ceiling one of the focal points inside the house. This can allow them to give a more spacious look indoors. It will also provide a comfortable feeling for all those who live inside the property because of the visually interesting set up of the ceiling.

Whether homeowners choose a total decoration makeover or simply improve the appearance of specific places inside their new townhouse, being aware of these trends will help with faster decision making. Homeowners should find a reputable contractor who will build their homes according to their demands. By following these trends, they will be able to reduce the stress of building a home.




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