Modern facebrick interiors

Who said facebrick is dated and old fashioned? Some of today's modern home still feature facebrick as part of the design. And you only have to look at some of these divine interiors to know that facebrick doesn't have to be old fashioned!

The facebrick walls of the seventies and eighties have been replaced with facebrick walls for the 21st century. What's the difference... there isn't any. Facebrick walls can be just as attractive today as they were over thirty years ago, and are considered an eco feature in many modern homes.

In a home with plenty of natural light, or when combined with light colours, facebrick walls do have their appeal. And facebrick walls work with all types of styles - adding their own level of colour, texture and style. You can have facebrick walls in a contemporary setting, or a more elegant style, as these above and below.

An eclectic mix of modern and rustic furnishings against a backdrop of facebrick walls create an informal and comfortable setting in this living space.



This industrial warehouse conversion is now the home of a couple with a passion for architecture. An enormous living room is arranged between the pilasters that are displayed with pride. The artist’s design highlights the existing brickwork that supports the flagstone roof. Pieces of raw concrete were used to create the bath, shower and washbasin.

What started out as stables has become a double-storey home with open floor plan. The large open space houses living room, kitchen, dining room, office and various entertainment areas surrounded by the original brick walls and large floor-to-ceiling windows.

The main living area is kitted out with contemporary furniture, with the focal point being the white leather sofas that dominate the centre of the space. Alongside this area are various dining and relaxation areas that encapsulate the main living area. A corner on the main floor functions as a study/office. The majority of furniture and fittings in the new space were supplied by Minim, who design contemporary furniture for a variety of clients.

In a building that was original a stables and later premises for a printing press, the project was to turn the 800 m2 into an open-plan studio and living space. The design incorporated the restoration of the structure with an industrial feel, without compromising on comfort.

The style might be industrial, but you will find more than a few quirky touches here and there. A colourful crystal chandelier is suspended over a stainless steel dining table.

While the upper level is edgy and industrial, the lower level takes on a more loft-style atmosphere. The walls are painted in a crisp white that contrasts with the polished wood floors.