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Laid back living

Transport yourself to a place where living is simple and laid back is just a way of life. A visual tapestry of a home that is comfortable and relaxed, where nature is embraced and natural materials define the pace.


Natural concrete floors, whitewashed walls and painted ceiling beams are the norm in this comfortable home. Rugs and fabrics add comfort, texture and colour throughout the living spaces.

A kitchen created with brick and concrete offers open plan shelving with everything neatly organised. This no-frills kitchen invites you in to partake and enjoy. The shelving units are built with brick and concrete lintels and then plastered with a layer of concrete.






Bedrooms and bathrooms with unfinished concrete walls and floors don't look out of place in this casual home. Simple, colourful cotton fabrics and organic materials blend together to enhance the atmosphere or cool and calm.

Rough concrete edges are smoothed and polished by the passage of time. The guest bathroom features a hand-casted concrete sink and shower, while the ensuite bathroom has a natural stone slab sink, carved out as a hand basin.