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Trend Alert for 2019

From botanical prints to zesty colours, 2019 has plenty of trends to up your mood and give your home a healthy atmosphere.


If you are wondering what's on trend for 2019, expect to see home trends that will give your home a much-needed boost. Pinterest recently reported their Top 100 trends for 2019 and we share some of their predictions for the year.

Pattern and Texture

Pinterest says that textile art is going to be even bigger this year, with fabrics and textiles being used to create eye-catching features in a home. If you are looking for new and interesting ways to dress up a feature wall, shop for graphic wallpapers or wall stickers to create a visual masterpiece.

One trend that we love, and one that isn't ready to give up it's time in the spotlight, is to use succulents as decor. Succulents and cacti continue to be more popular than fresh flowers, plus they last a lot longer and can even be transferred into the garden when you no longer need them. You can use low-maintenance succulents to create a setting that is simple and chic.

Vertical gardens are another trend that doesn't appear to be leaving us this year. And why should it! Creating a display of potted plants or hanging baskets is a great way to add visual interest to a plain room. A vertical garden is also the perfect way to being a touch of greenery to your home - to not only add interest but also improve air quality and freshen up a home.





Rustic Meets Luxurious

Over the past couple of years, we have seen organic textures become an integral part of the home. Natural textures such as hessian and burlap are natural and affordable, and wood pieces should be a staple in every home. This year we will see a mix of rustic meets luxurious with the richness of velvet also being introduced to room settings.

Imagine Scandinavian style with a touch of glam and you're right on trend for 2019. Many people love Scandi minimalist but find it a tad cold. Now you can have Scandi style that incorporates sensual fabrics like velvet that instantly add warmth to a room setting.

This year we also see an increasing focus on pared down artisanal luxury items - in the raw - with a focus on pieces that are beautifully-made but without the glam finish. Think raw woods, metals like copper and brass, textural fabrics such as linen and wool.

Another increasingly popular trend is that of mixing old with new. I'm naturally a bit of an eclectic decorator or one that hasn't managed to find a single style that I love, and I generally enjoy mixing old with new. This type of style gives me the freedom to find pieces that I love and incorporate these into my existing decor.

It's a bit like the old saying "red and green should never be seen"... blah, blah, but these days anything goes! Rules are constantly changing and being thrown out the door in favour of new trends.



Express Your Personality

Another aspect of combining a mix of new and old is the ability to add your own personality. Trends come and go and it's hard to stay on top of what's on trend and what's not but decorating your home with personality never goes out of style. It's nice to have a few select pieces that bring a home up to date, but don't feel that you have to do this. Your living spaces should be filled with furniture and accessories that express your personal taste.

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