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Interiors by Melissa Collison

Australian interior designer, Melissa Collison, is recognised for her glamorous residential projects.  A trademark attention to detail, brave use of colour and texture, and penchant for mixing objects of different styles, eras and cultures are characteristic of her style.

Designing interiors since 2001, Melissa has appeared in major Australian publications.  Constantly evolving to create simple luxury in a modern environment, Melissa Collison Interior Design offers a bespoke boutique design service to suit the individual needs of each project and client.

Extract from Interview and article written by Ada Teicu, Freshome
A dash of glamour, an inspiring choice in rugs, colours lighting up the atmosphere – this is how I can describe Melissa Collison‘s portfolio of unique interiors.

Mixing different decorative and functional items from all over the world into an unforgettable cluster of spaces, the Sydney-based interior designer creates luxurious modern spaces where her clients feel safe, comfortable and inspired.

In order to tend to every customer’s needs and wishes, she also designs bespoke furniture pieces and decor pieces that meld the wonderful selection of carefully chosen materials, textures and shapes. See how colours, forms and patterns intertwine to form exquisite living spaces and find out how she does it all – enjoy!





You have a particular style combining raw inspirational elements (both found and made) into a bespoke set of spaces – what is the most important thing you learned designing and creating just the right rug or mirror or sofa?

The most important thing I have learned is most likely abstract.  It is most important that I am empathic to my client, to their history and their life.  For me, it is important to weave items my client already has into their new environment and take the new design beyond their expectations. That is why my work looks diverse.

I respect my clients enough to take them and build around them.  And, I love change so I don’t just do one look. However, the simple answer is…men want a sofa they can lay on that is comfy and snug and a BIG TV.  Women want cushions, cute huh! Make a sofa real. Make is something you can use. With rugs, they anchor a room and are the final touch.  They are a must have.  I can relate it to a new dress and no shoes…you need the shoes too.

What is the color you think can compose a spectacular atmosphere in any space?
I like fringe dwellers on the colour spectrum exactly for that purpose. For that I select orange, purple and emerald green.
Purple is a colour so often misunderstood.  It's a fringe dweller of the colour society and sits out there with orange - another misunderstood colour.

How do you introduce color schemes into each room when the client leaves it all up to you?
It’s never completely up to me. Without an intentional direction from them, they tell me their story just by sitting and chatting with me. It can be a anecdote about their life, a travel adventure, stories about their children, their passion. The rest just follows.