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What's my decorating style?

Never static, design styles are constantly changing. According to Diamond Baratta Design, "All the design rules we had 20 years ago are important; it's like learning the classics. But those design rules, basically, all have to get thrown in the garbage or you're not growing. You keep them, and you have to integrate them, but you have to expand, too. You have to keep reinventing."


Rise above annoying clutter and small space with a room that is inspired by technology and efficiency. The modern home features European and mid-century modern home furniture, glass-top tables, sleek Italian sofas, 20th century art, industrial materials and more.

Modern rooms are ideal for homes with open floor plans, boxy shapes, plain walls and windows, small spaces or Euro-style kitchens. Modern environments are home to streamlined furniture, simple shapes and high-performance materials. They maximize space, increase daylight and improve efficiency. People who like modern styles tend to be energetic, efficient, neat and open-minded.

Art Deco
Bring home the smooth ambiance of jazz clubs and old Hollywood glamour with a sleek room design for the enviably fashionable.

Combine a mix of French modern and art deco home furniture, granite countertops, black-and-white art, leather club chairs, brushed nickel faucets and more. Art deco decor is ideal for homes with impressive city views, plain walls and windows or tall ceilings.

Beach House
Make it the weekend every day with a breezy room design inspired by the white light and fresh ambiance of seaside homes.

Fill your home with painted or white cottage furniture, tie-on seat cushions, striped rugs, white ceiling fans, slipcovers, wicker, ticking stripes and more.

Urban Country
Mix rustic warmth and city sophistication with a retro room design inspired by downtown offices and factories adapted for living. Our urban country room decor tips will help you pull together oiled wood or black painted home furniture, old office or schoolhouse chairs, pharmacy lamps, leather club chairs, black and white artwork and more. Urban country room sets are ideal for homes with worn floorboards, old-fashioned radiators and window frames or brick walls.

English Country
Enjoy the cosy charm and clutter of a vintage room design inspired by an English bed-and-breakfast inn. Combine elements of shabby chic and cottage furniture, Victorian antiques, floral wallpaper, skirted ottomans, oval mirrors, claw-footed tubs and garden-variety furniture.





This design style is ideal for older homes with gabled dormers, hardwood floors or small rooms. Homes decorated in English Country style are home to well-filled walls, collected antiques and vintage finds. They breathe new life into old things and express a unique personality. People who like nostalgic styles tend to be sensitive, soulful, unique and creative.

French Country
Trust the French to create an idyllic room design in the country that’s as fashionable as any room in the city. French Country is relaxed French country furniture, cafe curtains, toile-covered lamps, farmhouse tables, copper pots, sunflowers, roosters, checkerboard tiles and more.

Break the rules with a one-of-a-kind, conversation-worthy room design inspired by fascinating places. Shop for one-of-a-kind, eclectic home furniture, mosaic tiles, bohemian glass, African animal prints, Moroccan lanterns, painted pottery, ethnic toss pillows and more.

Modern Zen
Organic environments are home to textured materials, diffused lighting and natural colours. They provide a place to relax, connect with nature and find a little peace and quiet! People who like organic styles tend to be easy-going, fair, peace-loving and contemplative.

Dress your home in a fusion of easter and western with teak benches, bamboo blinds, nubby rugs, linen pillows, Asian art, Shoji screens, stoneware and more. Modern Zen is ideal for homes with boxy rooms, plain walls and windows or small spaces.