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Interiors by Willey Designs

This month's interior design focus is on Willey Designs. Willey Design is a design firm know for its thoughtful approach in addressing their clients' requirements.


They create stunning living environments that combine a mix of classic and modern, suffused with bold colours and proportions to bring an elegant blend of sophistication to their interiors. Comfort and function are essential components of every design, with practical details carefully observed and orchestrated.

For Willey Design, every project is a true collaboration with the client's tastes, needs, and budget firmly in mind. Willey Design's passion and experience is evident in their striking results; smart, polished, graceful and relaxed.

A modern dining room with Asian influences. The wallpaper reflect a stark bamboo design in golden shades - the perfect backdrop for a red lacquer dresser. In this room [above], a vintage Chinese armoire takes pride of place. Notice how the artwork above mirrors the colours from the piece.





John Willey

Willey Design embellished every detail with as many fun elements as possible: streamlined fireplace, applying wallpaper to ceilings, and an eclectic mix of furniture. The final effect gives a jazzy lift to a traditional interior and provides a complimentary mix of furniture periods and styles, creating a cohesive, beguiling lair that lends to entertaining, or movies at home with the kids.

 John Willey