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A love story home

A home is restored as a gift for a wife after 26 years of marriage. With a dream of a home by the sea, a 15-year old home becomes a reality.


Married for 26 years, this couple shared a vision of one day having a home close to the sand. So in 2014, after falling in love with a 15-year-old house just steps from the ocean, the couple didn’t hesitate to purchase it.

Although having a clear vision for the finished design, when it came time to actually pick the fixtures and furniture the wife hit a blank wall and hubby volunteered to take over the project. However, there was one condition: she couldn’t set foot in the house until the project was complete. "I really wanted this to be a magical experience for her, and it was clear that the design process was ruining the joy," he says.

The existing country décor had to go. The initial plan was for a largely cosmetic renovation, but this was soon thwarted by some underlying challenges and a desire on the husband’s part to expand the scope of the project. It wasn’t long before Kelly Ferm Interior Design began transforming the interiors into the light and airy retreat the owners envisioned.





Creamy hues on the walls further enhance the calm aura, while fabrics on the living room sofas are practical and durable. "We wanted the house to be formal enough for dinner parties but also be durable enough for kids, dogs, sand, water and friends," says the husband.

The coastal chic design palette was inspired by the locale; the jade blue ocean and surrounding soft greens and blues. The designer hunted for fabrics in hues to complement the coastal theme.  A quintessential spa tone appears around the home, from the accent pillows and armchairs in the living room to the quartzite counters and backsplash in the kitchen.

The designers worked tirelessly to meet the requirements for the expanded program, that included two master retreats with completely different designs. For one of the suites the request was for large-scale reclaimed beams that resembled driftwood, and in the other, the siding had to look like weathered wood.

The couple supplied mementos to make each space emblematic of his love for his family, with a photograph of white stones spelling out the word "love" on a white sandy beach, and hand-blown crystal starfish suspended from the ceiling in the master bathroom.