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How to Start Interior Design Business

An interior design business will enable you to blend your innovativeness with business expertise for designing functional spaces for different types of customers and earn a living from doing what you adore as well.


Perhaps you are in a position to take your craving for interior design to a new level. In fact, an interior design business will enable you to blend your innovativeness with business expertise for designing functional spaces for different types of customers and earn a living from doing what you adore as well. Working on your own implies that it will be possible to set your own time for working and you can also work on different projects which you think are more meaningful. Now the question that arises is how to get started. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned essential guidelines on how to start an interior design business.

You need to be innovative in your approach to start your own interior design company. For this, you will need the required education plus training along with formidable marketing and business skills.

1. Understand the requirements

It is imperative to have a solid educational background and also the capability to fill any space with functionality for achieving success in this field. Remember that you are an interior designer and not an interior decorator who will handle only the surface decoration. Apart from this, you might likewise need to become certified. In fact, there are 18 states which need these interior designers to get a certificate after passing an examination, according to the rule imposed by the American Society of Interior Designers. In case you would like to get government contracts, you need to become licensed and for this, it is essential to appear for the qualification examination which is provided by the National Council for Interior Design. On top of this, you might also require to know federal, local, and state codes regarding the use of any flammable material and the space to work on any commercial design project.

2. Design firm types

It is essential to define the sort of interior design which you would like to practice and also what are your business and personal objectives in owning an interior design business.

• Are you going to provide a full-service design studio or are you going to provide consultations while charging by the hour?

• Do you want to emphasize on the niche market or would you like to become a generalist?

• Do you want to concentrate only on commercial design or residential design?

• Do you have any preference such as environmentally-friendly interior design, hospitality design or medical facilities?

3. Become experienced

Once you become qualified, you need to gain the required experience. In fact, you’ll come across interior designing courses which will offer you the opportunity to make a comprehensive portfolio which you can present right away to your customers. However, in the absence of a portfolio, you have no other way but to start from your personal living space. Select a portion within your own residence that will showcase your expertise in combining textures, lighting, and colors. You can also take the help of any professional photographer to make your own portfolio.

Otherwise, another important step will be to go online and gain access to your network which can be your near and dear ones, buddies, or even colleagues. Also, inform them that you are searching for work experience. Visit the local eateries, cafés, beauty parlors or local charities for extending your services. You might even come across somebody who is hosting a marriage party or any other special occasion where you can provide your services free of cost. You will get plenty of opportunities to gain experience, but you must know where to search.

Try to look out for any area of design which will inspire you in the long run. Find out a company or designer whose work demands your attention and, if possible, request them for providing you with work experience. At present, the industry is extremely buoyant; there is a plethora of companies are on the lookout for help and you need to grab any opportunity that comes your way.

Initially, you might be required to perform pro bono work which will allow you to have samples you can include in your portfolio; this will be precious when it comes to building your reputation as a trustworthy and reliable interior designer. In fact, it is amongst the most effective ways to expand your network. However, the most significant piece of advice for you will be to get professional photographs captured by a professional photographer out there. Otherwise, you might also use your premium quality camera equipment for doing that.

Do not forget that you are providing a professional service which depends on the value of aesthetics, and therefore, although it might be alluring to cut expenses, non-professional smartphone photographs will not do it for you!

4. Location of your business

Location means everything for any business. It is important to assess what kind of facility is offered by you and where your business should be positioned in your locality. For instance, which happens to be one of the leading interior designers in Manchester is located in a very convenient position that helps them reach their customers easily and in a hassle-free manner. In this context, ask yourself the following questions:

• Do you want to work from home?

• Do you want to run a retail shop which markets to the public?

• Do you want to purchase an existing business or a franchise business?

5. Renting your office space

In case you work from within your house, you will require finding out an office space which will depend on the type of design company that you want to open. In case you are contemplating to open a retail outlet together with the design firm, it is imperative to get an idea of the area needed for exhibiting your merchandise.

You can ask yourself the following questions which will help you filter your search and also find out what you require:

• Do you want the office space only for interacting with your clients personally?
• Do you want to open a retail shop in the primary shopping district?
• Do want a commercial building or a house which has been zoned for commercial usage?
• Would you like to go for an adjacent parking space for your customers or is there adequate parking facility on a street near your office?
• Would you like to use an assistant for helping you in the business matters or would you like to run it on your own?

All these questions will help you figure out how much you require investing initially for starting your interior design business.

6. Expenses for operating the business

It is essential to see the previous utility and power bills for the property to understand how much you need to spend on running the building. You need to perform this step before you sign a lease. Apart from this, it will also be sensible to get an estimate of the commercial insurance rates, particularly overall work liability and also the liability for your establishment. Try to figure out whether there are any county or city taxes and fees related to leasing the property for which you will be held responsible. Apart from this, furnishings and other operating equipment must also be priced too.

7. Build your own portfolio and create your own website

After adding the samples of your work, it is time for you to exhibit them in the form of an attractive portfolio. In fact, it will be impossible for you to get any project without an attractive portfolio containing the samples of your previous works. Therefore, make it a point to build a professional portfolio with a minimum of 5 premium quality photographs showcasing your work.

Apart from your portfolio (which can be placed on your website), it is also imperative to design a website which will help to market your services. Your site must contain your work samples, contact information, an “About Us” page, terms and conditions, and also FAQs. It is also essential to register a domain (your URL) which should be directed to your site.

You can take the help of websites such as Google Sites, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, and so on for creating your own site. It will be prudent to check out this exhaustive listing of website builders (some will be available for free) and figure out which will be more effective for you.

In case you are searching for something more advanced, it will be a good idea to register with WordPress and take the help of any professional web designer who can create a site customized for you (in case you have adequate knowledge about WordPress, you can try it out on your own).

8. Business plan and assessments

It will be possible to figure out your expenditure and also how much money you will need in advance before creating a prudent business plan. If possible, you will require to make a financial plan while establishing a line of credit with your financial institution. For this, you might use the services of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or a business consultant. Most importantly, you must have adequate cash to operate for the whole year. In case the cash flow is not regular and you are not able to pay off your bills on time, it will generate a sense of insecurity. However, you might go for a start-up reserve which will help you combat this crisis effectively. This will enable you to maintain an optimistic attitude that can be translated to your customers too.

Your business strategy must be able to convince the SBA (Small Businesses Administration) or any financial institution to provide you with a business loan. Following this, you need to figure out what business licenses are required, including local as well as state.

9. Network with industry experts in your locality

You might like to establish a competent network of other industry experts that find it convenient to refer their friends and clients to you. These might be comprised of bankers, architects, land developers, realtors, financial services, builders and contractors, companies, wholesalers, and so on.

10. Building working relationships with trustworthy suppliers and contractors

In case you are providing a full design service, it is important to make relationships with trustworthy contractors for any renovation project that might be undertaken by you. An incompetent contractor or plumber who is not able to accomplish the job within the stipulated deadline can prove to be extremely costly in the long run. This will also spoil your reputation. Therefore, make it a point you are working with individuals you can trust blindly. Although it might take a while to build such relationships, stick to it to achieve success eventually. You can also go for a business model which will allow you to get increment payments from customers that will provide you with the necessary cash while you are working on your project.

11. Marketing your business

You need to build your marketing collateral which is a collection of different marketing tools like business cards, advertisements, brochures, pamphlets, letterhead along with the logo the company and so on. These will be digital and print materials.

Try to create a website plus a blog and also maintain them. Social media will play an important role in connecting with prospective clients within your industry.

Below we've provided some surefire ideas which comprise the following:

Offering hints and design suggestions
Holding contests
Sharing shopping guidelines and how-tos
Sharing photographs of your work and also innovative design ideas
Taking appointments for the clients online

Online collateral happens to be the most important and also most effective strategy at present which you should make the best use of.

12. Customer service

It is imperative for you to become a diplomat since you might be required to solve several problems while executing your project. You need to fix your problems by applying your common sense and you must also be able to please your customers at any cost through and through. Your business reputation can be damaged by an unsatisfied client, and therefore you need to ensure that they are happy and gratified with the finished product.

Even though you might not be able to generate sufficient revenues, you must take all possible measures to satisfy your clients since they are the ones who will be referring your services to their friends and other known persons. Always provide decent customer service since it will help to establish your reputation and grow your business. Also, give your personal touches to your customers which will help to express your integrity and sincerity in the long run.

Let us hope that these above-mentioned guidelines will make it easy for you to start your dream business on a successful note. Although it might appear to be intimidating initially, it is important for you to be perseverant and you will get the reward you deserve either sooner or later.



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