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Decorate Your Home for the Festive Season

The festive season is a special time for many and decorating the home for Christmas can transform your living room with these expert tips.


You don't need to go overboard to decorate the home for Christmas, sometimes all you need are a few carefully selected accents and accessories to transform your living room into a fun space for the festive season.






Set the Mood with Colour and Shimmer

In South Africa, decorating for the festive season is not quite the same as what is done in colder climes. Our festive season is hot, hot, hot and we need to decorate our homes in a slightly different way. We don't have a roaring fire to set the mood. We don't have snowflakes gently falling outside. But we can still set the mood with colour and shimmer.

First things first, don't overwhelm your living room with too many colours. Decide what colour palette you will be using to decorate the tree, or to set the dining table and tie this in with colours for decor and accessories in the room.

The most traditional decorating style for the holidays is to use red, white and green, but nowadays you can select any colour you like, or go for your favourite colour scheme if this is something you do every year. It makes more sense to only have to buy accessories once and then use these again and again. That way you will save money and will be able to buy more gifts or goodies with what you save.

The colour palette for 2019 for adding a bit of festive flair to your home is mint green and blush pink. You will find that most home decor stores are stocking these magical colours in a variety of accessories. So if it's time to replace your old ornaments and decorations, think carefully about a colour scheme that you can use for a long time.

Jewel tones are also a favourite for decorating a living room for the festive season. Think teal, purple and rich red hues on the Christmas tree and tied into the room with textile accents and accessories. The jewel hues introduce a touch of sophistication and create a warm, festive atmosphere.







Let the Centrepiece take Centre Stage

Sometimes all it takes to add a festive flair to your home decorating is a beautiful centrepiece. This can be an eye-catching display on a coffee table, cabinet or fireplace shelf, or it can be a masterpiece to set the theme for your dining table. Even a few pieces can be arranged to create a wonderful display, but don't overdo it.

Get outdoors and do some foraging around parks and veld to collect small items that you can use for your centrepiece. Think items such as pine cones, small branches and perhaps some attractive foliage. Add a hurricane lamp or two, or some decorative candles and it shouldn't cost you much to set up an attractive festive display.






Forage for Foliage

Every Christmas decorating plan should have some foliage or berries here and there. We may not have Spruce trees or holly growing in abundance, but there are plenty of other ways to add a touch of greenery. Think sprigs of ivy and ferns, or other plants with pretty foliage and use these to decorate your home.

Eucalyptus branches bring a wonderful scent into the home and you can cut lengths of branches to place them in a tall vase and let the scent flow through the room.

You will find Eucalyptus trees growing wild in our local parks and reserves, and there are plenty to be found in residential gardens. Use cut branches to decorate your dining table for festive dining, decorate a staircase or door frame, or make your own decorative wreath for a door.

This Christmas, get creative with fabric scraps, ribbons, bows, and nature to decorate your living room with just the right about of festive feeling.



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