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The 4 “Must-Haves” For The Mid-Century Modern Living Room

From retro furniture to vibrant colors and statement lighting pieces, there are so many decor elements you must include in your mid century modern living room.




The living room is the most used room in any house which is why it needs to provide functionality and comfort at the same time. From trendy looks to classic schemes, there are so many ideas you can borrow that will match your personal style. One particular interior design that has been popular since the 1940s is mid-century modern. It is characterized by clean lines, gentle organic curves and a mixture of different materials and shapes. Also, its minimal ornamentation and simplicity are what makes it so different from other interior designs.

Decorating your living room in this style means you are striving for a timeless, forever-chic design. From retro furniture to vibrant colors and statement lighting pieces, there are so many decor elements you must include in your mid century modern living room. So, in order to make your decisions easier, we are giving you the “must-haves” you need to incorporate in your living room to add an authentic mid-century modern flair.


Sleek and timeless furniture

Wood is the most important go-to material for furniture in this style. The best part is that the entire furniture in your living room doesn’t need to match exactly with one another. For example, you can match a modest mid-century modern sofa with a Noguchi coffee table. This table has a glass top that stands upon two interlocking curved wood legs, making it the perfect focal point in your seating area. Accent chairs bring the living room together especially if you add a splash of color. The most popular choice is the egg chair which provides chic sophistication and charm to your living room. Adding a coaster bookcase can also add a rustic feel to your living room while maintaining a sense of modernity. Here you can add your favorite books, scented candles and some plants to decorate the shelves. Lastly, you can add the classic wooden credenza that is built for style and utility to complete your living room.


Photo by Francesca Tosolini from Unsplash


Abundance of colors and textures

The color scheme ranges from neutral to bright hues that simply add to the focal points in your living room. Since this interior design is filled with a retro feeling, pairing complementary and secondary colors help with achieving just that. For example, you can start with a base palette of white or taupe walls and brown wood furniture. Then you can add pops of color like pumpkin orange, avocado green or lavender purple. Even a beige brass floor lamp can add more liveliness to your living room. When it comes to the textures, there is a mixture of groovy geometric patterns and organic materials. For example, textured upholstery and funky patterns on your sofas and accent chairs welcome diversity and style to your living room. Also, including patterns and bold colors in your living room accessories such as your pillows and throws just make your favorite room in the house more inviting and chic.


Photo by Isaac Quesada from Unsplash


Statement lighting

Lighting is also an important element that must be taken into consideration when you decorate with the mid-century modern interior design. The lighting is usually characterized by metal finishes and actual sheen which adds more glam to your living room. For example, the most popular choice of lighting is the chandelier. It readily adds a classic feel and can even turn your living room into a living gallery. The Sputnik chandelier is many people’s favorite because it looks luxurious and it works well in any size living room. The West Elm Mobile chandelier particularly comes in many colors and bulbs which certainly complements your interior. Another type of statement lighting is the tripod floor lamp which adds an unexpected flair and it makes the space look brighter. Having such lighting pieces can amp up the visual interest of your gallery wall. Lastly, if you are looking for a minimalistic look, then go for a Taubert light pendant above your coffee table.


Photo by Collov from Unsplash


Finishing touches with decorations

After choosing your timeless furniture and statement lighting, it is time for the finishing touches. Even though mid-century modern interior design strives for minimalism and simplicity, accessories such as pillows, decanters and wall hooks play a major role in completing your living room. For example, ceramic vases and planters with wood and metal bases are perfect for showing off your greenery. Depending on the size of it, you can add a larger plant in an open space or against an entry wall and a smaller plant on your coffee table or a bookshelf. Also, wall decor and mirrors are vastly used in mid-century living rooms. For example, the sunburst wall mirror will look perfect above your sofa or fireplace, adding a subtle elegance to your room. When it comes to smaller accessories, you can include wood trays, metal sculptures and magazine racks to complement your credenzas and bookshelves. Don’t forget your textured pillows and wool rugs that enhance the sophisticated ambiance in your living room.


Photo by Home Design Lover


Putting it all together

Choosing your “must-have” items for your mid-century modern living room is just as fun as putting them all together. This interior design doesn’t include only one particular arrangement, but there are many you can actually choose from. For example, if you are going for an abundance of color and pattern, you can opt for a pastel mid-century modern living room which includes a pastel color sofa and a pine-wood coffee table. Or, if you want to keep it simple, you can go for the brick wall mid-century modern living room where the bricks are the focal point ornamented with a wall decor mirror. Lastly, since wood is the most important material incorporated in this style, you can design your living room like a cozy cabin in the woods. The wood can be dominant in your armchairs, coffee tables and wooden credenzas. You can even add a floor to ceiling window to bring in all the natural light to shine in your living room.


Final thoughts

Many people continue to be intrigued by this interior design for more than half a century and incorporate it into their homes, particularly their living rooms. Even though it focuses on minimalism and elegance, adding accent pieces of furniture or a mix of colors just adds to the vintage feel in your living room. So, if you want a sophisticated and chic seating area then keep in mind these must-haves and easily design your mid-century modern living room.





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