Comfortable woven furniture

Who would have thought that furniture could be designed with knitted textures and woven designs. Patricia Urquiola's Mangas range mimics the look and feel of your favourite sweater.

The Mangas Collection is a unique range of modular furniture that can be set out in any configuration and interchanged for a cosy seating arrangement. The pieces in the collection consist of two basic shapes: a seat with a back and an ottoman. Together, these pieces can be arranged to make a low-profile lounging space in a group, or separated into individual seats.

For the collection, Urquiola makes use of colourful, thick pile yarn and mats and a hand loom technique to produce comfortable ottomans that are reminiscent of that favourite sweater. What inspires me about this unique range of furniture is that it can so easily be replicated using common knitting and weaving methods.  



Anyone with basic knitting and weaving skills could make their own comfortable upholstered furniture, and these pieces would be perfect for a den or children's playroom. 

If you have some time on your hands and are looking to create wonderfully unique seating for a den, family room, or a child's bedroom, grab some double-ply yarns in neutrals or bold fabrics, and a woven mat at your local fabric centre, and get crafting. The knitted and woven panels are wrapped around a medium-density foam block and provide a comfortable, soft place to relax.