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Scandinavian Christmas

With an inherent talent for beautiful home and furniture design, Scandinavian countries are also praised for their wonderful attention to the simple details when decorating their homes for the festive season.


Scandinavian countries have a knack for decorating their homes for Christmas, using rustic materials and minimalist accessories to create a wonderful, welcoming home. Organic materials used for decorating a home for the holiday season include wood, paper, and native Christmas trees and greenery picked fresh from the garden, with an abundance of white and neutral colours splashed with traditional reds and greens.

If you haven't yet got round to setting up decorations in your home, be inspired by these gorgeous Scandinavian homes kitted out in their festive finery.

Down to the smallest detail, natural materials play a large part of Scandinavian design, whether it's decorating the Christmas tree - or a home. If you think about it, using natural and found materials is the most inexpensive way to decorate any home.

Rummage around to make use of items you already have, revamp old decorations to give them new, fresh appeal, and look at ways to recycle or use reclaimed materials.





We can take a page from Scandinavian design and their use of natural and recycled materials. Instead of spending money on plastic baubles and gaudy decorations, we should look at ways to use what we already have; incorporate organic materials, and make more use of what nature provides.