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Modern African interior design

While previously only reserved for hotels, high-end interiors and upscale game lodges around the world, the trend for African design influences can now be found in homes around the world, as interior designers add exotic touches for a sophisticated look that lends itself to modern and contemporary interiors.

Adding unique style and character to any home, African design incorporates a wide range of elements that combine natural and organic materials to create dramatic interiors.

With imitation animal skins (we definitely don't condone the use of genuine skins!), tribal masks, woven baskets and geometric shapes in all colours and sizes, there are many elements available to us locally that can be combined to add an African touch to a modern home.

Modern African doesn't rely solely on the use of natural and organic materials, in fact, bright colours and acid tones work just as well - adding an extra dimension to this decorating trend.

What sets modern African decor apart from the more traditional way of decorating in this style, is the mix of modern and organic materials in a more minimalistic way. Interiors are clean and bright and the focus is on one or two decor items that add vivid pattern, colour or texture to a room.



Comfort is an important aspect of modern African design. Large expanses of leather or upholstered sofas and plump cushions, faux skin ottomans and floor rug and, of course, a few select pieces of African art - all these add to the look and feel of an African-inspired interior.

Natural materials such as leather, cane and wicker, raw timber finishes, and organic fabrics such as cotton, linen and burlap feature prominently in African decor. Slipcovered sofas, textured cushions and linen or cotton drapes allow you to add a touch of Africa to your home on a tight budget.

Keep decor accessories to a minimum - or have a bookcase or feature wall decorated with your collected pieces. Too much and you will overpower the room and the senses and take away the visual impact by having a space that it too cluttered and less refined.

If you are looking to refresh or makeover your home, consider using the resources you have at your fingertips. International interior designers have to search far and wide for items we have on our own doorstep.