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Elegance with coffered ceilings

Coffered ceilings are among the most elegant and stately of ceiling designs. Plus, they are more customizable than you may realise and help insulate against sound and noise pollution. This type of ceiling is amazingly attractive in any part of the home, especially dining and living rooms.


A coffered ceiling is traditionally a grid of squares, but it certainly doesn't have to be. This ceiling can be designed in virtually any shape that creates a grid pattern, like diamonds, for instance. The grid can be made of any type of ceiling material. Less expensive options are wood-panelled hard foam, and the high-end option is solid oak beams. So don't think that this design is outside of feasibility; the price is yours to set.

The coffer is the decorative panel sunk between the grid work, and it essentially serves as the focal point of your ceiling. For the coffer material, you can use anything from metal to fabric. The choices are literally endless.





Design ideas:

  • Spruce up the beams with alternating stripes of colours. Cobalt blue with deep stains makes for a sophisticated look.
  • Use fabric for the coffers to create a billowy effect and provide better sound reduction.
  • In a sports bar-style room, how about team logo panels for the ultimate in man caves?
  • What about tin? Have custom designs stamped or choose your own finish.
  • Brass trim might be all you need for the right level of elegance.
  • Rather than a grid, just bring the border of the ceiling down and use the bulk of the ceiling as a coffer. You keep the ceiling height and still get a charming yet simple appearance.
  • Rosettes or other focal points at the junction of the beams spruce up a simple design nicely.

Those are only a sampling of what you can do once your imagination is sparked.