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Modular Home Assembled and Ready in 8 Weeks

Imagine a home from scratch that is assembled and ready to move into in just 8 weeks... that's the Amagansett Modular home.



It's hard to imagine that a modular home can be assembled and ready to move into in just 8 weeks. The Amagansett Modular home is a 4-bedroom property that was assembled and move-in ready in 8 weeks, and now MB Architecture is rolling out more of the same.

The design of the modular home consists of six steel shipping containers set out in a configuration that brings about MB Architecture's largest prefab project using shipping containers. The 1800 square foot dwelling is designed to emphasize the fine line between indoor and outdoor living and is set within a tree-filled landscape that surrounds the home.







6 Recycled shipping containers make up this 1800 square foot dwelling that serves as a weekend home and year-round getaway for a client.


The clients' brief was for a weekend home that would serve for year-round occupation and provide plenty of living space and enough space outdoors for a pool and outdoor relaxation area.







Despite the wooded area surrounding the home, the property itself receives plenty of natural sunlight through the expansive windows that wrap around the structure and give amazing views of the area, letting the homeowners connect with nature both indoors and outdoors.


The house is flooded with natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows facing all directions.


Cost was also a major factor for designing the house, and the clients presented a strict budget that offered the ideal situation to significantly lower the costs of home building by using shipping containers. This allowed the architects to bring down the cost of conventional construction methods by using a prefabricated design process that was done off-site.



Now known as the Insta House, the architects can design this residential prefabricated home in almost unlimited variations depending upon the clients' requirements. The standard configuration consists of four recycled shipping containers laid out in double-level height for a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom home, kitchen and living room that only takes 8 weeks to complete.


The galley kitchen is minimalist in design but kitted out with plenty of storage.



Large windows both upstairs and downstairs offer an amazing view of the surrounding forest.



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