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Designer rooms

Every so often I come across designer rooms that catch my attention. It would be nice to showcase our own local designers, but they seem to be a very shy lot and little or nothing can be found.


Inspired by her wonderful rooms, Tobi Fairley show us just how easy it is to incorporate colour in a way that is fresh and inviting - and perfect for summer decorating.

Tobi's wonderful sense of colour is displayed in all her room designs and goes to show that you can combine almost any hue, shade and colour to create beautiful interiors.

Shades of green

There are so many different hues and shades of green that is can be used in any room in the home. In a family or garden room a deep green provides a calm setting for a relaxing sanctuary. Use green hues to invoke a spa-like atmosphere in a bathroom.

Green is soothing and relaxing, but can overwhelm a space in its darker shades. Combine greens and rich chocolate browns for a setting that is balanced yet still fresh and vibrant. Use fabric with large prints on a white background to break up blocks of colour.

Shades of blue





Shades of red

Don't be intimidated by the robust intensity of red.

Shades of orange