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Give any room a makeover

I receive numerous requests about room makeovers and where you would start if you wanted to give a room a makeover. The easiest way to start any room makeover is to remove all the furniture and work with a blank slate - or empty room.

If you remove all the furniture from a room, it allows to you clearly see the advantages and disadvantages of the room. Recesses and alcoves, wall at an angle, fittings that need to be hidden., all these become visible if the furniture is taken out of the picture. It's easier to see the bigger picture in an empty room. In the small apartment above, for example, instead of trying to hide the window recess, the designer makes full use of the space by fitting a small console for using as a desk. Using some pine boards, you can easily knock up this console in an hour or two.

Love the pale blues and browns in this room setting. It gives the room a fresh yet cosy atmosphere that is light and bright. Ideal for a small townhouse apartment or flat.

Fixing up a room that is out of date or boring is just as easy. Don't try to minimise large features, as you could end up making them more obvious! The two large windows in this living room need emphasis. They are too small to hide! By making the windows a feature, the room actually looks and feels larger than it is.





Here is another example of a window that needs attention. This dual-purpose space serves as an office and a den. The large window is the only source of natural light for the room, but faces north and lets in full sun during the morning. To offer some shade without blocking all natural light, a Roman blind allows adjustment during the day.

Look to achieve a sense of balance. This living space has a single, long window on one side of the fireplace. As the main feature in the room, the eye is immediately drawn to this. To offset the single window, pay attention to the space on the opposite side of the fireplace. Taller items will create a sense of balance and the eye will flow smoothly across the wall.

If you are lucky enough to have a recessed window, take full advantage of this otherwise lost space. A sofa custom make to fit into the space and upholstered in a matching fabric creates a place to sit and relax.