When is it Time to Forget About Trends?

These days everyone sets their watch according to trends but there comes a time when you reach a level that enough is enough - forget about trends!






Trends influence everything around us from the clothes we wear (style and colours), shoes we buy (platform or not), and even items we buy for our homes. These days everyone sets their wristwatch according to current trends... Oh wait. Wrist watches are no longer trendy so I hope you are still not wearing one... So last season!





"It is time to embrace your individuality and personal style and that cannot be gained from scrolling Instagram or Pinterest. What you love is all that matters and your space should represent who you are."

Caroline Utz - MyDomaine









But seriously, if you follow trends you must be pulling your hair out and going crazy when you have to replace everything in your home because it is considered out of date, or re-paint your house interior because grey is no longer considered trendy. If you feel this way or have never bothered with trends, it is time to take a step back, breathe in - breathe out, and opt for a timeless and foolproof way to decorate. A style that will never change and your home will always be magazine-ready.



With neutral colours as a backdrop, changing the look of a room according to the seasons is easy when you only need to swap out a few accessories.





Fall in love with your home again

After living in the same house for several years, decorating according to trends can become tiresome and expensive. Yes, it does give your home a new look with every change, but sooner or later there may be some resentment at the time and money spent "keeping up with the Jones'." What you need to focus your attention on is what you love about your home.





As someone who writes articles for a living, even I get confused with how trends come and go so fast and that the black kitchen you paid a fortune for is no longer fashionable and pink in the bedroom is a no-no!









Lessons learned from Covid

The time we all spent at home during the Covid pandemic made us all take a step back and look at our lifestyles and determine what was more important. Since we spend so much time at home, we want this to be a place that we love coming home to, a place where we can entertain family and friends, a house where we can relax and chill. Covid increased our desire for mindfulness and that includes filling our home and our lives with things that matter.





Social media allows trends to spread like wildfire, the more attention they garner, the faster they spread, but one thing is for sure and that is you don't have to follow trends to have a beautiful home.





Timeless decorating ideas for every home

Before we dive into a few ways you can transform a home using time-tested and timeless techniques it helps to know a little about what is classified as timeless decorating. For one, it is about decorating a home so that it never goes out of style, one that is also flexible with its guidelines but, most importantly, is not tied to the changing trends. Now let's take a look at how interior designers use a timeless ethos to decorate homes,





1. Furniture that has clean, simple lines

Furniture that has a timeless design lacks frou-frou and embellishments and simply is. It is furniture that is comfortable but undeniably understated and well-constructed. Colours are muted and it is better to stay away from patterns as these tend to age quickly. And even though furniture design has clean lines, it is what you add to this that will let you put your personality on display, as we discuss further down.





2. Neutral colour scheme throughout

A neutral colour palette will always be timeless and classic and it provides the perfect backdrop for accessories that can be swapped and changed if you want to incorporate specific colours. Walls in shades of white, muted grey, light taupe and other organic hues are calming and sophisticated without any effort whatsoever. These colours also allow you to easily select furniture to fit into the room without having to worry about colour clashing.





When selecting accent colours, work with classic colours that have withstood the test of time such as blacks, navy, dark green and deep red.









3. Incorporate classic patterns

By keeping to a timeless approach to decorating you will want to look at patterns that fall within traditional boundaries. Think stripes and checks, damask and plaid, and subtle floral and opt for these over busy floral or hectic patterns. If you want to incorporate trendy patterns that you love, keep these for cushions and accent accessories for the room.





4. Less clutter - more style

Nothing dates a home more than too many knick-knacks on every shelf, displayed on tables or hung on walls. There is a reason why less is best and this applies to anything that draws attention from the main pieces in a room, namely furniture and accessories. It is not about adopting a minimalist approach but more about keeping it classy and not over-the-top fussy.






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