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Dress your home in Shabby Chic

Timeless. Romantic. Comfortable. Nostalgic. All these and more describe Shabby Chic style - a style that continues to be a trendy and affordable way of decorating your home.


By now you have heard the saying; "What's old, is new again". But to put Shabby Chic style into perspective you need to put the saying the other way around..."What's new, can be made old again". Shabby Chic style takes a love for vintage pieces that are time worn and distressed, combines them with soft pastels, roses, and air of romance that combine in a clever, comfortable style that has earned the respect of the interior designers around the world.

The joy of decorating in Shabby Chic style is that it allows you to collect pieces over time. Any piece of furniture with curved lines and an undeniable vintage flair can be lovingly transformed into a Shabby Chic treasure. For those with a dash of creativity; painting and distressing furniture to reflect the time worn look of Shabby Chic is a task that rewards you at the end.

Choose shades of white for walls; it provides the perfect backdrop to the layers of soft pastels that will be interwoven; pastel pink, light beige, duck-egg blues and other pale colour combinations.

Choose natural fabrics that complement your decorating scheme overall. Soft fabrics such as cotton, toile, lace and chenille in plain, prints, stripes, flowers or other patterns build up the texture and layer the look.

Vintage accessories add sparkle and chic to Shabby Chic; antique crystal or glass chandeliers, gilded picture frames, and distressed wood finish off this relaxed style of decorating.