Add a Few Simple Touches to bring Sophisticated Vibes to Any Room

Decorating a home is not easy if you don't have any idea what you are doing but there is a way to add a few simple touches for a sophisticated room.






We all look forward to decorating our homes, giving them personal touches and adding our favourite decor to create a comfortable environment where we all love to spend time. But for those that don't have any decorating savvy, choosing the right elements is not so easy. We take a look at a few simple touches that can be included in any room in the home to add a sophisticated touch that is also timeless and elegant.







In a Living Room

Creating a sophisticated look for a living room involves bringing together several elements. You want the room to be welcoming, neutral with bold accents, highlight your personality, but still be a room where family and friends can gather together. Incorporating decorative trim, even on a single wall, gives the room a beautiful focal point and provides an ideal backdrop for furniture and decor accessories in a range of styles. 





Installing even a minimal amount of wall cladding to give it a panelled appearance instantly takes any room to the next level. It is not about keeping up with trends but rather decorating your home how you would like it to look. In the event that you plan to sell the home in the future, wall panelling as architectural detailing is considered as a plus. Visit the Builders website and enter moulding into the search to find what you need, although it is better to visit your nearest store and see what's in stock.



Click here for instructions on how to install faux wall panelling




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Not only will wall panelling add architectural detail and turn any wall into a focal point, but there are several other reasons why wall panelling is a good idea:

  • Easy to DIY

  • With access to all the products you need to be found at Builders or resources online, you can have materials cut to specific sizes to make your project easier.
  • Disguises faults

  • If your home has walls that are not smooth or prone to hairline cracks, wall panels will cover this up.
  • Great sound proofing

  • When applying board products as wall panelling it provides additional sound proofing in room. Incorporating this into a family room or home theater will keep the noise level down.
  • Flexible and customisable

  • If you are going to do-it-yourself, you have the freedom to select a design that you prefer and finish it in your choice of paint colour.
  • Introduces architectural detail

  • Very few modern homes have any type of architectural detail or interesting features and wall panelling with board, moulding, and trim allows you to add this to your home.


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In a Dining Room

Dining rooms tend to be bland overall and you never know quite what to do with this room. A simple way to overcome the problem is to install decorative panels, either on a single wall to create a focal point, the entire wall, or just a section of the wall. It is not expensive if you do-it-yourself as the products you need to add decorative details are reasonably affordable. 





Installing wall panels in a dining room gives you an opportunity to bring interesting detail without too much hassle and expense.





Rather than being a bland space, adding panelling with moulding and trim turns the room into a warm and inviting space that is both sophisticated - without being over-the-top - and elegant. But more than that, you can use wall panelling to complement any decor style.





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In a Bathroom

When buying a property off-plan, you have the choice to select finishes in the home and the option for tiling the bathroom. Leaving tiles off the walls in a bathroom frees you to decorate the space with more personality and pizzazz than you would have with tiles and their are plenty of options for stylish substitutes. In an existing house, you may decide that you have had enough of tiles and want to try something different.





Open up endless possibilities by removing tiles in a bathroom and replacing this with decorative trim. Even if the product is manufactured using SupaWood / MDF, or you put together moulding and trim that is pine or SupaWood, if this is primed and painted before installation it will be protected from ambient moisture. However, do not use either SupaWood / MDF or pine in situations such as wet rooms or where panelling will comes into direct contact with moisture.









Have the freedom to decorate a room with nothing more than moulding and trim for a sophisticated approach to decorating, one that adds architectural detailing and timeless elegance at the same time.





Builders stock a varied range of moulding and trim products in materials such as SupaWood / MDF, hardwood, polystyrene, or PU. Select pieces to put together a custom design that complements any room.





Click here for instructions on how to install faux wall panelling



In a Bedroom

As mentioned previously, incorporating wall panelling in a bedroom serves to dampen sound levels and that makes it the perfect material for a bedroom, especially if you reside in a propery where walls are shared with neighbours. Panelling yourself is a cost-effective solution that offers plenty of design options and, when installed against the wall where the bed sits, it will create even more of a feature in the bedroom.





In a Home Office

Anyone who works from home and has a separate home office, one where clients pop in regularly, will appreciate how panelling gives the room a professional vibe. Moulding and trim installed for a faux panelled effect plus have additional sound-proofing properties that are ideal for dampening sound from the office.





Wall panelling makes decorating a home office easier as it instantly provides character and warmth.





Cottage, country, rustic, traditional, or modern, wall panelling complements all decor styles.







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