Add Faux Panelling to Boring Walls

Adding faux panelling to boring walls is an excellent way to introduce a timeless architectural element to a room and you only need a few basic tools to complete the job.




Adding faux panels to a wall or walls can make such a difference, and yet it is a fairly simple project to undertake. You can have 16mm SupaWood cut into strips at your local Builders Warehouse to make installation quick and easy. Builders also stock a selection of pine moulding and trim if you want to add extra detail to your panel wall.



Panelled walls are easy to install on a plain wall to add impact to a living space. This diamond pattern wall was easily created using strips of PAR pine glued directly onto the wall and then painted over to finish off.





When undertaking a panelled wall the most important step is to ensure that your measurements and marking is done correctly. Even a single panel installed incorrectly can affect the look of the entire wall, so take the time to make sure that everything is perfect before you begin attaching panels or wood strips.









How to Add Faux Panelling to Walls



1. Prepare the walls beforehand by scrubbing clean and filling any cracks. Apply the base coat and let this dry overnight.

2. Use a spirit level to mark the locations for the panel design.





3. Use construction adhesive or a product like No More Nails to affix the panels to your wall. You can also use the adhesive to fill in any gaps along the edges of the strips.

4.Ater allowing sufficient time for the adhesive to set, you can begin painting your faux wall panelling.







Faux Panel Wall for Home Office

This gorgeous home office was transformed by chris loves julia and shows what a difference some faux panelling can add. No fancy techniques here; the panelling strips were glued onto the wall and some extra trim added to give more detail before the wall was painted.



The faux panelling on the walls do so much for this room.



The only preparation required for installing the faux panelling was to make sure that the walls were in good condition.

Accurate measuring was done to ensure that all the panels would fit perfectly on the walls.






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