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Perfectly Seamless - Indoors to Outdoors

This beautiful townhouse combines the best of indoor and outdoor living to take advantage of our glorious weather.


South Africa has beautiful weather for most of the year and this means that we have the option to have indoor - outdoor living spaces that allow us to not only enjoy the outdoors, but also create a living space that has the best of both indoor and outdoor living - in our own homes.

 This well-appointed townhouse was designed to have an open floor plan indoor/outdoor living area that almost doubles the floor space. And not only that, but also with daytime and nighttime views that are just as valuable as the living space. The extra outdoor living area can be used to full potential, especially if you enjoy daytime or evening entertaining with family and friends.







The major goal when designing this open plan indoor/outdoor living space was to create something that was warm and inviting, and also to look how to really be able to maximise the indoor/outdoor atmosphere for entertaining. While keeping a clear sightline for the views were important, it was essential to establishing a sense of privacy around the outdoor space. The solution was to establish large rectilinear planters with various fruit and tropical trees.



The installation of a fire pit was definitely a favorite that is great in the evenings, especially during the chillier months. Rather than being forced indoors, it is now possible to spend even more time outdoors while soaking up the sun and taking in the sunsets.



With water restrictions always in mind, this outdoor living spaces has no shortage of plant life.  The best plants for our local climate and that take water restrictions into consideration - are the various succulents. These can handle intense sun and limited water supply – something that comes with the territory in most areas of South Africa.




west elm



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