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5 Easy and Cheap Tips to Make Your Home More Peaceful

If your home is not the peaceful place you want it to be, fret not - there are cheap and easy ways to create a sanctuary right where you live.


When you open the door and enter your home, how do you feel? Are you happy and relaxed? Or does the tension of a long day at work still linger? Stress is something you encounter every day, but your home should be a haven away from it. It’s supposed to be a refuge that recharges you, not deplete your energy.

If your home is not the peaceful place you want it to be, fret not. There are cheap and easy ways to create a sanctuary right where you live. Here are a few solutions for you to consider.

1. Declutter

Clutter is probably calm’s worst enemy; therefore, the first thing you must do is to get rid of everything that doesn’t need to be inside your home. Take out old clothes and toys, throw away old pots and pans, and pack up worn out bedding. These belong to the trash bin or a donation box.

If a lot of rooms need clearing, put a plan in place and do the decluttering in stages. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, the most important thing is to get it done.

2. Keep out loud noises

Yes, there is such a thing as noise pollution. Every day your ears are filled with talking voices, music, news from the TV and radio, and all other sounds emanating from your surroundings.

You may not know it, but loud noises can cause more cortisol, the stress hormone, to be released in your body, which can make you tense and easily agitated. Silence has the opposite effect.

It might not be possible to live in total silence in your home, but you can certainly muffle unwanted noise. Sound waves bounce off hard surfaces like floors, walls, and ceilings. The trick is to minimize the reflection. A nifty way to do this is to:

● Hang heavy curtains on the windows to help absorb noise coming from outside.
● Lay a thick rug on the floor, especially in areas with high foot traffic.
● Reduce ambient noise inside your home by investing in low-noise appliances, like a quiet air purifier or air conditioner.
● Place large furniture in each room to help absorb sound coming through the walls. You can strategically place a bookshelf in a room that faces a noisy neighbor. Filling the shelf with books create an additional soundproofing layer.





3. Color your senses calm

Colors affect your physical, emotional and mental states; thus, the colors you use for your décor contribute to the overall calmness of your home. Color is personal, so you don’t have to pick to the hues that experts suggest can create a soothing environment. Take time to be aware of how colors affect you and then choose those that best provide a sense of tranquility.

A monochromatic scheme is one of the most effective design strategies to create a calming space. The use of a single color in various tones creates a harmonious look.

Choose cool colors like soft gray, dusty lavender, or deep blue. Apply a medium shade on the walls, and use darker hues for sofas and chairs. To balance things out, accessories like rugs and pillows should feature lighter tones.

4. Bring nature in

You can still enjoy nature even when you’re inside your home. Indoor plants are not only soothing to frazzled nerves; they also help purify the air inside your home. You can incorporate some greenery into your design by:

● Hanging plants above the mantel or couch for a touch of freshness
● Assembling little pots of succulents on a table
● Transforming dead space into a whimsical corner filled with pots and plants of different kinds, colors, and sizes
● Creating a terrarium in a glass bowl or fish tank and displaying it in the living room
● Planting edible herbs in jars for the kitchen

5. Create a scentsation

The aromas passing through your nostrils activate a part in your brain that can instantly lift your mood and bring down stress levels. Adding calming scents to your home with candles and oil diffusers will add to its relaxing ambiance — and do so without breaking the bank. The aromas that most people find most therapeutic are:

● Vanilla — induces feelings of ease and comfort
● Lavender — reduces anxiety and makes you sleepy
● Baby powder — evokes memories of childhood, a time when you felt secure and safe
● Lemongrass — its earthy scent is soothing to your senses
● Jasmine — calms the nerves and reduces feelings of depression

You don’t have to let the demands of this world get the better of you. By creating a peaceful home, you will always have an inspiring place to wake up to and a safe refuge to come home to every single day. Reflect on how you want your sanctuary to be and take small steps each day towards creating the peaceful home of your dreams.



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