Choosing the perfect sofa

Although comfort is one of the most important factors when buying a new sofa, there are many other things to consider. Read on for some practical tips on how to find the perfect sofa for you and your home!


Finding a sofa for your space
Your choice of seating should be the one best suited to your interior space and create balance with the size of the room, the sofa combination and your other occasional furniture. A larger room might require 2 sofas and an occasional chair, however if you have a small space, sometimes sections of a modular might fit better than a single sofa. Armless sofa's can also give the illusion of space.

What you will use your sofa for will also effect your decision. Will it be for curling up and reading your favourite book or watching the latest DVD? If so, you probably just need a two-seater.

If it's more than a couple of people watching TV, you may prefer to have a long sofa so that everyone has a perfect viewing angle, perhaps with a chaise or ottoman to stretch out. Regularly entertaining a number of guests means you may need at least one three-seater or a combination of two sofas. You may also wish to consider day beds, sofa beds, ottomans and stools to help give you more seating options.

Size matters
Once you've decided on how many sofas you need, be sure to measure your room and your home's entryways carefully and take these with you when you shop. It's important that your new sofa can be delivered through all entryways, elevators and stairways and of course around any tight corners.

Relax and get comfortable
How you use your sofa is a very important part of the decision making process. If it's being used everyday by you and your family, the number one thing is comfort. And the best way to check the comfort of a sofa is to test it. Variations in seating suspension and foam types make every sofa feel different.



Your style
Shape and style are equally as important and sofas come in a range of different styles to suit your home and personality.

Traditional - Rolled arms, skirting and tuffed cushions create that classic look.

Timeless - A mix of traditional and contemporary that has timeless sophisticated appeal.

Modern - Clean, minimalist, understated elegance.

Casual - Relaxed, warm and inviting where you can snuggle up and feel at home.

Colours bring your sofa to life and add character and depth to your room. A safe option could be to choose a neutral colour for your sofa and embellish it with bright, colourful cushions and throws.

Practical Tip: Multi-coloured fabrics tend to hide stains, while block colours tend highlight stains.

Fabrics & Leathers
The choice of fabric is often the hardest. And there's no rule to help you choose. Do you opt for easy care or do you go for texture and feel? The choice is entirely up to you. Here's an overview of the different options available:

Microfibre has a resilient suede like texture with a luxurious feel. (low maintenance, stain resistant).

Chenille is soft and is great for adding texture and warmth to your room. (low maintenance, stain resistant)

Cotton and cotton blends are perfect for people who want a natural fabric. (higher maintenance required)

Leather includes variations in grain, colour and markings to make each sofa unique. It's also highly durable, naturally softens but needs to be looked after for it to age well. (higher maintenance required)

Pigmented leather may be a good choice if you have small children, as you can wipe it clean. But beware of accidental scratches - light scuffs can usually be buffed out with your thumb. (higher maintenance required)