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Furniture designed for small spaces

Müller, a family business based in Germany, designs and manufactures modern plywood furniture in a variety of designs with emphasis on space-saving concepts.


Unfortunately, the range of furniture shown below is not available for purchase locally. But if you love the design, there's no reason why you can't use local SupaLam to make your own designer pieces for the home.

Possibly the smallest desk on the market, Flat Mate is designed to be practical, simple and unobtrusive. This compact home office fits perfectly into any small space and offers plenty of storage and work space for those needing a compact or mobile home office.

The upper cabinet provides storage space for stationary, a laptop or tablet PC. LED lighting inside the cabinet allows you to plug in anywhere and set up a work space. The Flat Mate has a large, stable work surface that can be easily raised and lowered. 





In the lower compartment there are doors on either side of the slim cabinet for additional storage.  The compartments on each side can accommodate an 8cm wide file folder, a laptop, or files, etc.  The unit can be secured to any wall at the top by means of a wedge bar with only 2 screws to the wall.

Not every home has lots of space, and not everyone has a large budget to splurge on new furniture. If you take a look around your room and identify a few items you'd like to add, but you don't have the budget for them all, perhaps you should consider multi-functional furniture.

Müller also designs a range of stylish, space-saving shelving unit, that have an integral work space. When not needed, the fold-down desk top can be closed, while the shelving remains functional. Good looks and practical design in one piece.

Additionally, you can add or remove modules at will, allowing you to have the perfect storage and work space solution for your particular needs. Start off with the basic module with front cupboards and side shelves for a compact, space-saving media console, and build on this to meet your growing needs.  

All the modules in the range can be left open or fitted with sliding solid or glass doors, allowing you to customise a single piece of furniture in so many ways - despite its compact size.  

You even have the opportunity to double up and have decorative storage on one side and a practical work space on the other - with hardly any loss in valuable floor space.