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Accessorize with Cushions

Throw cushions are the 'must-have' accessory - they can change the look of a room instantly without having to completely redecorate.


Throw cushions are an easy way to add colour and interest to your living room or bedroom. You can use throw cushions to add personality and charm to enhance a decorated room, or to add colour, texture and pattern to a room that feels like it is missing that certain something. Throw cushions are like jewellery - you can use them as you would when dressing for a special occasion, simply select and arrange on your sofa for an instant refresh - without having to redecorate!






Think of throw pillows as jewellery for your room - use them to add pops of colour, texture, pattern and style.

Cushions and pillows not only add colour, texture and pattern, they also make a look feel more polished and finished off. In any room that lacks a few carefully selected accessories, the room can feel empty and lacking in personality. Use cushions as part of your layering to build up a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

When shopping for cushions or pillows for a bed or sofa, colour, size and shape should be carefully considered and tied in with the style, shape, and colour of your bedroom or living room furniture. Just a small splash of colour on trim or piping of a cushion creates a colourful and dynamic contrast to the surrounding pieces, as well as accessories already in the room.

Feel free to mix and match with square cushions or longer rectangular cushions as these can add visual stimulation and varying the shapes and sizes lend fluidity to stiff modular furniture.

Throw cushions transform a room and can be swapped out for seasonal changes to take a room from a summery vibe to a more cosy, winter feel.







Placing Your Cushions

Working from the back of the sofa seat, place the largest or bulkiest cushion right at the back. Angle the cushion slightly to give you the perfect start for laying more cushions on a sofa. From that point, you can build up and add different sizes and colours of cushions. If you're not sure how many cushions you will need, be guided by the available space. A tip that interior designers use is to have an uneven number; either three for a small area or five for a wider sofa. An odd number of cushions actually creates a better sense of balance and more interest.

Cushions are great for layering and create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Throw cushions and pillows can be muted or bold and grouped symmetrically or asymmetrically.

Set The Mood

Use a variety of different cushions to set the atmosphere you want to create with different patterns. Patterned cushions with either large, medium or small-scale print will produce a balanced arrangement when combined with solid colours. But keep in mind that too many patterns can dominate and throw off the look.






For a country, cottage or softer vibe, steer away from bold colours, use subtle layers of muted hues for perfect harmony between small details and vibrant textures.

Mix It Up

It isn't absolutely essential that you cushions match and you can arrange a selection of cushions in varying sizes and fabrics that, together as a grouping, enhance the look of your furniture and add a softness to the room. Designers like to use a variety of different textured materials and colours to complete an interior.

Keep the hues and tones of your cushions within a carefully selected colour palette for a cohesive whole.

Make It Colourful

Who doesn't like to play with a bit of colour now and again, and it is so easy to introduce unexpected whimsy to your room design with playful patterns and colours. You can even add a couple of cushions that are multicolour.

Bring together squares and rectangles, with the largest cushions at the ends of the sofa - or corners if you have a sectional.



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