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Are you ready for pattern?

Many first-time decorators find the thought of using patterns in the home a little daunting. It's a bit like using bold colour for the first time. It can be scary because you're not sure if you are doing it right. But patterns play an important role in home decor, just as colour does, by adding interest and even texture to a plain room setting.


We popped onto Black Fabrics to see what they have in store, because this is the place to shop for patterned fabrics.

Striped fabrics and wallpaper

Stripes are a favourite for decorating rooms and are ideal for visually enlarging a space. Low ceilings? Use vertical stripes to fool the eye and make ceilings seem higher. Keep bold stripes for large rooms and thin stripes in small rooms, or combine bold and thin stripes together - as seen above.

Stripes also work well when combined with other patterns. Introduce cushions or a rug that features checks and florals to see how wonderful this looks. But do keep the colour palette in the same range to avoid a total clash. Choose wallpaper or fabrics with at least one common colour to create a harmonious look.

If you are still unsure about using stripes in a large area, consider striped fabrics as a window treatment, on cushions on rugs. And don't feel that you are limited to only one fabric - experiment with different patterned fabrics to create a whole new look for your home.

Geometic wallpaper and fabrics





A striking collection that marries classic with contemporary, matt with shine, and texture with technology. Architectural-inspired weaves have been designed to encourage confident mixing of contrasting textural effects, such as sumptuous velvets with shimmering plains, animal-skin effects with damasks, stripes and mosaic motifs.

Sumptuous, shimmering and sublime, the Tembok Embroideries collection will add instant allure to any interior! Suitable for drapes and accessories, this collection encompasses three strikingly individual designs. Tembok’s intrinsic allure and captivating charm is further enhanced by a delectable choice of colours - all of which you can mix and match to your heart's desire.

Incorporating design and pattern has never been easier. All you have to do is to visit your nearest or fabric store to view the various designer collections. Fabric and wallpaper designers create a gorgeous palette of matching fabrics and wallpapers that are ready for you to enjoy.

Floral fabrics and wallpapers

Folia is inspired by the distinctive style of 20th Century Scandinavian textiles, combining clarity of design with a profusion of delicious colour. Folia is breathtakingly vibrant, encompassing predominantly botanical motifs, which are uplifting, inspiring and a joy to behold. Confident, colourful and clearly drawn, Folia’s designs depict a beguiling array of meandering leaf trails; floral motifs ranging from diminutive to dramatic; abundant plums, figs, pears and olives; and invigorating stripes in luscious colour combinations.

Drawn from documents in the archive, principally from 1930s, Delphine captures the heady essence of summer days and the frosty beauty of autumn mornings, the tranquility and elegance of the herbaceous border and the endless allure of the English cottage garden. The Delphine fabric collection is strong, confident and highly useable, not just for curtains and accessories but for upholstery as well. It represents an eclectic fusion of prints with damasks and crewelwork-inspired embroideries.