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How To Style Instagram-Worthy Bookshelves or Bookcases

If you have a bookshelf or bookcase in your home and are wondering how to style this for best effect, we show you some Instagram-worthy ideas to get you started.



I love collecting books, particularly old classics that I loved as I was growing up. With everything going online these days, bookcases are not as popular as they used to be, but I think that every home should have a small bookshelf or bookcase where they can keep a collection of classics or their favourite authors. And a bookshelf or bookcase is the ideal opportunity to showcase your books and a few accessories in such a way as to make it a stand-out feature in the room. We found some Instagram-worthy bookshelf and bookcase styling ideas that you can steal and use for your own home.



Ever thought about arranging your book collection by colour. Not exactly something a librarian would do but one way to make your book collection look more decorative. You can even go so far as covering your books in colourful paper to make even more of an eye-catching display, as shown in these inspirational images.


house beautiful


Who needs art when you have a bookcase filled with colourful books. Goes to show there's more to books than just a good story! There are more than a few colourful examples of how you can organize your bookcases by colour, whether you do it shelf-by-shelf or use coloured books to make an interesting arrangement.







Arranging your books by colour is a great way to set up an interesting bookcase display without spending any money - just artfully place the books that you have.


home beautiful

If you don't consider yourself OCD enough to go to the trouble of arranging everything in perfect - coloured - order, coloured book spines look just as good when arranged shelf-by-shelf to create just as much of an eye-catching display.


An artfully arranged bookshelf or bookcase takes a bit of time and effort. Knowing what you are going to be placing on a shelf or what you want to add to the display is a good place to start.








If you have several collections or book series by different authors, it's nice to keep the in separate piles or stacks. Arrange books of a similar style and same author with the spine standing upright. Books by the same author but of a differing size can be laid flat and stacked on to of each other, with the largest book at the bottom and the smallest book on top. Easy to style, simple to organize, and super-easy to find your favourite book at a glance. This method is also excellent if you have several books that won't fit upright into shelves.


Arranging your shelves with alternating piles of horizontal books next to a display of vertical books adds visual interest as the eye is drawn along the shelf.


The key to a beautiful display of books is to take the time to organise them and not just toss them onto the shelf and hope for the best. If your books are mostly paperback, use the extra space towards the front of the shelf to add a decorative item or a small pot plant. This will go a long way towards adding even more interest than a shelf with only books.






You know how some people can have a desk that looks like it got hit by a bomb; papers and files all over the place and no order whatsoever, I am one of those people. But, and that's a big BUT, move any piece of paper and I will know. Some people work better in organised chaos, or what I prefer to call a beautiful mess. Bookcases are sometimes like this. Even without any order you know exactly where to find the book you are looking for. If you're not anything like that, a more organized arrangement is the better option for finding books you are looking for.


Before you start arranging and organizing your book collection, consider the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. Do you want a tidy display and books that is clean and lined up perfectly or something more casual?


While a bookcase is primarily about books, there's nothing to stop you adding a few carefully selected accessories for display. You can use accessories in between stacks or piles of books to bring a sense of balance to a styled bookcase, as not only will these break monotony by catching your attention, they will also make a shelf more interesting.

Once you have added your books to the shelves, see how you can push some books further back on the shelf so that you can add a few decorative pieces. Placing objets d'art in front of books can also help disguise damaged book spines or book titles you don't want anyone to see. ;D




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