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Interior design in 2020 is all about the oasis

Interior design is constantly evolving and changing and there is an annual resurgence that occurs, one that breaks down the past trends to replace them with the fresh interior design innovations.


Interior design is an ever-shifting concept that is brought in to breathe new life into a property, it could also be the selling point of the villas and houses for rent in Arabian Ranches. Because the climate of interior design is constantly evolving and changing, there is an annual resurgence in the field that occurs, one that breaks down the past trends to replace them with the fresh interior design innovations that will be splashed across homes around the world over the coming year. With so much constant transition in the sector, interior design demands attention to detail - not only in the execution itself, but in the lead up to the innovations even being announced.

The issue is that the interior is just as important, if not more so, than the exterior, and therefore it deserves just as much, if not more, attention than the outside features of the home. With a new year fast approaching, there are three fresh concepts in interior design that are set to revolutionise the field and give interior design jobs throughout 2020 something innovative and exciting to look forward to: the year of functionality meeting style.

Minimalistic colours on the walls

This is a concept that tends to be a constant in the background for interior design, but in 2020 it is going to claw its way onto the scene in a subtle (but incredibly effective) explosion of quiet colour and minimalistic hues that will not be ignored. For kitchens, for example, the colours being tipped as the big winners in the upcoming year for interior design are the earthy tones. Painting the walls minimalistic tones of browns, greys, whites, blues, or even greens will set off the other features in the room, including benchtops (think sleek concrete slabs or flowing stone pieces), floors, and cupboard doors.

The bathroom becomes the modern oasis

Transforming the bathroom into a modern oasis has been an interior design trend that has been slowly trickling onto the scene for some time now, but 2020 will see the slow rise of the bathroom oasis evolve into a full-blown craze of epic proportions. People used to spend time in nature to escape the chaos of everyday life, and next year the aim is to bring nature into the home. The bathroom is the best place to begin, because the bathroom is generally where we go to unwind, to relax and let go for a little while. A calming bath will be made all the more relaxing with carefully placed greenery, essential oils, candles, and natural hues.

Making the lighting the centrepiece of a room

Finding the perfect lighting to enhance a room has always been an important aspect of interior design, but 2020 is going to see it become the bright centrepiece in interior design. Choosing lights that are bold and expressive is going to give revitalised spaces an energetic pop while also keeping with the earthy tones that are going to be so prominent. Pendant lights constructed of interesting materials, or designed to depict certain shapes, will be the conversation piece that keeps guests entertained and homeowners content.



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