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Add spring inspiration to your home

Whatever your decorating problem, there's an affordable answer. Why not live in a little luxury? Make up for what your rooms lack and refresh your place with a little thought, a little effort, and some of these budget-friendly ideas! Add inexpensive home accessories such as picture frames, mirrors, throw pillows and lamps to create an easy new look.


Use colourful seasonal touches to add personality to both the room and the furniture. Adding mirrors to rooms adds glamor, twinkle and brightness, while opening a room up at the same time.

You know the drill: lighter and brighter for spring/summer and darker, richer for autumn/winter. This easy task of changing the fabric items around the home can help you make it seasonal. Change out placements, bath towels and accent pillows. The final touch is to purchase a seasonal bouquet of flowers. Fresh or (make your own) fakes, such floral arrangements , can add punch to a room.

Home decor accents such as throw pillows and area rugs can often be purchased at reasonable prices and offer an instant update to any room in the house. Add bold cushions - like those shown above - to neutral couches and chairs. You can also buy just the cushion covers (think pillowcases), and repurpose your tired throws.

At the same time, consider tossing area rugs onto hardwood floors - or even carpets - that have seen better days, if you can't afford to replace flooring. (Be sure to also get a non-slip pad if you're using a throw rug on any kind of hard floor surface.)





Splurge on these decor accessories as more permanent fittings. Adding mirrors to rooms adds glamor, twinkle and brightness, while opening a room up at the same time.

When is the last time you changed your wall art -- or even really noticed it? There's no need to spend a fortune on pricey framed prints. Change the artwork on your walls by putting picture frames on your wall and simply switching out the photos each season. Alternatively, get crafty with canvas frames, fabric and a staple gun to create your own seasonal artwork.

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Replace old lampshades with modernly shaped or brightly coloured ones. You may want to consider re-arranging the way you've set up your living room, particularly when it comes to lighting. Warmer weather usually means longer, hotter days, which means you may be spending more time outdoors - or, you may want to take advantage of all of the natural light that is pouring into your home.

If your existing lamps are parked in an area where you get plenty of natural light, move them. You may also want to  inexpensively update them with bright new shades that feature a bit of fringe or a subtle pattern. This is also a great opportunity to make the change to energy-saving bulbs. If you have a little more money to play with, stained-glass lamps and other specialty lamp designs don't just add illumination, they transform light into art.

Adding a stained-glass lamp to a neglected corner can literally make it glow, or you can place one of these beauties in front of a window for nuanced natural light, day and night.

A key element in houses that are decorated by a professional rather than a wanna-be decorator is a true understanding of the art of accessorising

Flat surfaces such as mantels, bookcases, and coffee tables are the perfect places to restyle for less. The one important point here is to keep it simple. Bookcases should only be two thirds full. A fireplace mantel should not have mirror above it (a very dated look) - choose artwork instead. Place no more than three items on an end table - cluster these varied but related items together for more impact.

If your tables and countertops are beginning to look boring, add dimension and height with a trio of related objects, such as candles, jars or framed photos. Be sure to play around with sizes and colours. These micro-decorating collections, especially in groups of three, add drama and interest and can instantly update the look of a room. Mix it up, but always have a unifying element, like a specific colour, shape or finish.

Decorating your house is a job, but styling your home is fun! Personalization is all about putting your interests, hobbies or values into your décor to really make it your own. How can you do this? For one idea, pick up some simple - inexpensive - curtains at your local home decor store, and then buy exquisite wide ribbon to hot glue on the edge. To finish them off, use the scarf you wore on your first date with your honey to tie back the drapes.

Alternatively, enhance an existing window treatment with a valance, or drape a bright, decorative throw rug across a chair or on the end of a bed. Layering is a fantastic way to adjust to warmer temps and add colour and style to your home, so don't be afraid to experiment.

Making your home fresh and stylish for spring is easy when you have light, colour and texture all working for you. Using these tricks, you can create an impressive transformation in an afternoon - without spending the equivalent of your monthly mortgage payment.

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