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Crepe paper roses

Another craft that has been re-invented is using crepe paper. I have seen these gorgeous crepe paper blooms all over the Internet - it's hard to believe that they are so easy to make...



Crepe paper in your choice of colours
Florists wire
Florists tape






1. Print out the template enlarge by 200% and use the template to trace and cut five teardrop-shaped petals and 15 heart-shaped petals from double-sided crepe paper.

2. To shape petals, cup in centre; wrap left and right top edges around a pencil or use your thumbs to curl.

3. Make a stem by wrapping three paper-covered wires together with floral tape.

4. Start building flowers by first placing teardrop petals around the stem and securing with floral tape. Place heart petals around the "bud" you have created and secure with more floral tape.

5. Trace and cut the calyx shape from green crepe paper. Wrap calyx around bottom of rose and glue in place.

6. Trace and cut out three leaf shapes from green crepe paper. Draw a bead of glue down the centre of each leaf, place a paper-covered wire down, and pinch the crepe paper together over the paper-covered wire "vein" to hide it.

7. Attach the leaves to the stem by wrapping in floral tape.

8. Wrap stem with strips of green crepe paper to cover floral tape; glue in place.

This is a really great idea for creating an affordable and everlasting bridal bouquet or bridesmaid arrangement - choose a colour that matches your wedding decor.

images photobucket - martha stewart