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Create your own canvas art

Add affordable art to your walls with your own creative designs painted onto bought - or made - canvas frames.


Canvas frames - or make your own
Craft Acrylic paint: dark purple, purple, grey and black
Notepad or printer paper






1. Have an idea of the design that you would like to transfer onto the canvas frames. There are plenty of ideas in home and decor magazines, as well as on the Internet. Transfer your ideas onto sheets of paper. I measured the paper to figure out where each of the trees should be. That made it a lot easier to then draw the designs directly onto the canvas

2. Transfer your design ideas onto the canvas frame, starting with a lightly drawn pencil sketch and then painting over this with an artist's paintbrush and craft acrylic paint. First I thinned some black acrylic paint and used a liner brush to paint on the branches and trunks.

3. I loaded a paintbrush with paint and, in one motion, added each of the circle leaves. I added a second coat on each of the leaves and that was it, they were done! All that was left to do was hang them on the wall.