Make your own canvas frames

Whether you want to create and paint your own works of art, or hang fabric as decorative works, here's how to create your own canvas frames ...


ronnie tucker


Thin strips of pine for the frame
Ponal wood glue
Bosch Tacker or staple gun
Mitre box and saw
Picture framing kit or Vee nails and small hammer
Canvas fabric




1. Once you have decided upon the size of the canvas that you want to create, use a mitre box and saw to cut the 45-degree angled edges of the frame sections. You will need 4 pieces. After you cut the wood, assemble the pieces together and use a staple gun to place the parts together. Staple three times on the front and back of the corners, which will make the joints secure.

2. Once the frame is assembled you can measure the canvas to fit over the frame, with extra canvas to overlap at the back.

3. Place the canvas over the frame and place one staple in the centre of the top. At the bottom, pull the canvas as taut as you can, and place a staple in the centre of the bottom of the frame. Repeat this process for the sides. After you have placed four staples, repeat the process of pulling and stapling around your canvas.

4. For the corners you can use an angled or straight fold - pull tight, fold the flap and staple to the frame.