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At home on the beach

This Plettenburg Bay home is built using recycled timber, reclaimed doors and windows, combined with balau decks and wrap-around windows to take in the expansive views of the local beach and surrounding area.

Owned by the Orzechowski family, this home in the dunes of Robberg Beach in Plett is inspired by holiday bungalows in Australia and is designed using box-like structures that create a laid-back atmosphere.

The outdoor living area has plenty of built-in seating, as well as an outdoor shower and pool. Most of the timber used in the construction of this home is untreated local pine, with reclaimed Oregan pine used for window and door frames, as well as interior floors. Sliding wood slat frames on windows and doors provide unobtrusive security and privacy, as well as shade inside the home during the hot summer months of the year.

The wonderful climate in the region allows the homeowners to spend most of their time outdoors. The outdoor living spaces are filled with colourful fabrics collected on trips to North Africa.





The home offers relaxed living and a warm, friendly atmosphere that makes it the perfect holiday home. An open-plan kitchen and dining room complements the natural feel throughout with a bamboo dining table and leather-upholstered chairs.