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Ellen's Design Challenge 2

If you can't wait the watch the 2nd season of Ellen's Design Challenge, here's a site where you can live stream the first 6 episodes of season. It's also a great opportunity to see designers in action using the latest power tools and techniques.


I was lucky to be directed to a site where I could live stream series 2 of Ellen's Design Challenge. The first season was amazing, and the second season promised to be just as good, starting off with 10 talented designers.

What I love about this show is that it allows you to see the designers using a variety of tools and different methods and techniques for crafting furniture. This is great when you make your own furniture, as you can see for yourself how these tools and techniques can be used in your own workshop. 

This season there are some absolutely fantastic projects, many of which use tools that we have access to here in South Africa. In many of the episodes you will see Festool, Kreg (in particular the Kreg Foreman), Dremel and Jet tools being used to make some of the unique pieces shown here, as well as more surprising reveals.

I won't spoil the season by telling you who the winner is - watch for yourself - but it's definitely worth watching for ideas and inspiration for your next DIY furniture project, especially seeing how the designers use a variety of different tools for each project.