Make it glamorous

Glamour. It speaks to us of precious metals, exotic woods, custom furnishings, and fabrics plucked directly off the Silk Road. It’s opulence. It’s elegance. But surprisingly, it’s also within reach.


Think Scale. Think Grand.
As Met Home always says: exaggerated scales can really glam up a space. When the owner of this home fell in love with an antique Italian mirror way too large for the living space, she leaned it on the floor, instead of hanging it. The mirror equals the size of the windows on its right, creating a larger-than-life look that still feels in balance with the rest of the room.

Add luster where least expected
A little sheen can go a long way in creating the look of glamour. But instead of just opting for mirrors or lacquered furniture, why not make the floors literally shine? Here, architect Charles “Chip” Bohl created a look slicker than ice by sealing the floor in epoxy paint. The result is a seamless, gleaming expanse in any colour (but the application is tricky, so ask a flooring specialist for help).

Create warmth with metallic tones
Here, the glam effect starts with rich metallics. L.A. designer Darryl Wilson updated this 1960s cliffhanger atop Hollywood Boulevard with a fireplace surround of bronze-toned ceramic tile that glitters like gold.

Experiment with drapery

Dramatic drapery is not just for the windows. In the living room of this elegant apartment, designer Joel Agacki turned common notions inside out, leaving the windows bare but covering a full interior wall with floor-to-ceiling sheers that add romance to the room.
Notice the art hung in front (and behind!) for an air of added mystery.



Amp up drama with multiples

A wall of frames is always eye-catching, but an entire stairwell packed with pictures will stop guests in their tracks.
The residents of this classic art deco duplex hung 1,000 of their prized photographs throughout the stairwell and foyer, grouping them by theme and content.

Select striking chandeliers
When it comes to glamorous lighting, chandeliers define the category. One is powerful, but three? Show-stopping. In the dining room of this renovated home by architect Russell E. Sherman, three modern Phillipe Starck chandeliers create a unique elegance.

An awe-inspiring fireplace
A lit fireplace is captivating; the surround that compasses it should have the same effect. Rob Delaune was determined to restore and revamp this living room’s old gas fireplace. He added a stainless steel surround that creates metallic gleam that reaches up to the building’s roofline and dares you to look anywhere else.

"Glamour has to do with a certain theatricality, drama, and personal mystique in the same way that the black-and-white headshots of movie stars in the’40s did," says Michael Lassell, features director of Metropolitan Home and the author of Met Home’s newest book, Glamour: Making it Modern. "It doesn’t have to be all about money. It’s all about individuality and imagination."