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X-Table - a desktop for two!

All it takes is three pieces of pine to make up this table without nails or fasteners. Assemble and dismantle in an instant and adjust the design to suit your requirements.


Designed to accommodate two, the X-Table designed by Mayice, allows two individuals to share the desk or table space on either side of the movable centrepiece. The X piece that supports the top can be utilised as a storage shelf  to store office supplies or magazines, etc.). Plus, the centre support means that there are no legs on the table, which allows you to seat yourself comfortably wherever you wish!

The design of the X-Table utilises three pieces of pine with grooves cut at an angle to allow for the table to be easily slotted together.

Not just practical and ingenious, the X-table is made using a sustainable product that any DIY enthusiast can replicate at home. The table top measures 2000 x 700mm and the centre pieces are 700 x 900mm.





The designers even had the foresight to include an integrated pen holder in the central aspect with two smaller dimples for paperclips and the like.