Keep your home cool in summer in shades of blue

If you decorate using colour psychology as your guide book you will know that blue is a colour that cools and soothes. We put together a collection of blue room; from bathrooms to living rooms, blue is perfect for our hot summers.



The classic combination of blue and  white is perfect for interiors, both large and small. Crisp white walls and luxurious white upholstered furniture provide a fresh canvas for light coloured laminated floors, while the blue accessories provide icing on the cake.

Paint is another way to introduce hues of blue into a home to keep it cool. You can choose from a variety of paints at your local Prominent Paints store and then select a colour swatch that works for you. Before you have your paint tinted take home a selection of colour swatches and view these in the room under different lighting conditions.



Bold or subtle, it's amazing how blue can change the atmosphere in a room. Blue has the effect of reducing blood pressure levels and calming the senses. Perhaps it's because we associate blue with sea and sky that blue has the power to cool down a space and create a soothing atmosphere.

Subtle doses of blue refresh an otherwise bland space. In the living room below the blue tiles around the fireplace highlight the blue in the large rug that frames the space.


Blue works just as well in a kitchen as it does in any other room in the home. Nowadays it isn't taboo to paint wood cabinetry in colourful hues and this kitchen, with its pale blue cabinets, is fresh and clean.






Bedrooms that receive a lot of sunlight can get hot during the summer months. Introducing blue into these rooms will aid in creating a cool environment, whether you use paint or accessories.








Design a spa-like bathroom using softer shades of blue. A combination of blue and white is invigorating and fresh and just the right touch for a dull bathroom.