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Why you love colour

There has been a lot of research into the psychology of colour and more and more studies conducted that reveal new information about how colour impacts our lives. 


We turn to Decorating Den for a few interesting facts about your choice of colour:

RED:  Increases the pulse rate, breathing and blood pressure.   If you like red you yearn for the impulsive life.  Red is the colour of action, love, and courage.  You are likely to be outspoken, athletic and somewhat fickle.  First impressions truly count with you!

BLUE: A wonderful calming colour.  Did you know that blue actually causes the brain to send off eleven chemical tranquilizers?  If you like blue, you are probably a capable, conservative and sensitive person.  You are resourceful and know how to carry out responsibilities.  You enjoy life, and have weight to your character.

GREEN:  Mother Nature’s favourite colour!  If you like green, you might be fresh, natural and friendly by nature.  Green shades tend to evoke a sense of relaxation, comfort and quietness.  It also represents new growth and new beginnings, and can be used as a stress reducing colour.

YELLOW: A stimulating colour.  People who like yellow tend to be intellectual and high minded.  You might find yourself remaining optimistic in most situations, and are generally enthusiastic about new ideas.  You enjoy action, and have the ability to project your ideas well to others.  Your character is profound and your advice sensible.





ORANGE/CORALAn exuberant and bold colour.  Orange lovers tend to be friendly, cheerful and are able to get along with practically everyone.  You are social by nature, and hate to be alone.  You want the world to be warm and mellow like the glow of a fireplace.

PURPLE:  A royal and fantasy invoking colour.  If you like purple, you could possibly be an artist at heart.  You like to surround yourself with talented people and tend to be very free spirited by nature.

BROWN/TAN: A warm and comforting colour.  Brown lovers are often conscientious, and steady in their ways.  You tend to be very interested in genealogy and home. The company of your family is paramount in your life.  You tend to be very dependable, and display good self-discipline.  You make a loyal friend.