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Here’s Why Modular Homes Are Making A Comeback

Modular homes are an affordable option when compared against conventional home building, and especially for those that place importance on their carbon footprint and their environmental impact.


The newest designs in modular housing aren’t anything like the old-style prefab housing from a few generations back. Today’s modular homes are something of a technological marvel where robotics and controlled construction environments are the name of the game. Today’s socio-economic environment is ripe for a resurgence of modular homes.

The minimalist lifestyle is rapidly gaining popularity, which means that more people of all ages are looking for more sustainable housing options. Tiny houses and modular home neighborhoods are popping up all over the country. Modular homes are an affordable option for those that place importance on their carbon footprint and their environmental impact.

Starting with classic building techniques and ending with the best technology like using Fanuc Arc Welding Machines to put together housing frames, the newest modular homes fit together tighter than a glove. Between their affordability and the changing needs of the population, it’s no surprise that modular homes are making a comeback.

Downsizing Trend

Over 27% of the general population in the U.S. is made up of Baby Boomers. This means that millions of seniors are heading into their retirement years and looking for a simpler lifestyle and smaller home. Modular homes are perfect for seniors.

The building time is short, the quality is unmatched in residential construction and the maintenance is low. Everything that seniors are looking for when they make the decision to downsize out of their family homes.

The minimalism trend continues to grow across all cultures, age groups, and communities. People are in search of a simpler and more sustainable way to build their homes. From tiny homes to full-time RV living, many people are adopting a more minimalist lifestyle.


When you build a home using classic onsite construction there is a heavy price paid by the surrounding environment. Modular homes are constructed in large climate-controlled and filtered warehouses that minimize the risk of weather contamination and wasted materials.

Many of the innovative modular home designs take advantage of recycled and renewable materials, further reducing the carbon footprint. Solar-powered homes with an eco-designed layout that takes advantage of window placement and airflow to keep the energy consumption to a minimum are all standard features of modern modular homes.


If the economic fallout of the past decade taught homeowners one thing it was the importance of living within your means when it comes to housing. Paying for a large multiple bedroom home when there are just two residents is a waste of money, space, and resources.

Many people are paying more attention to what they really need from a home and choosing alternative building methods to get what they need at a great price. Depending on your level of custom design and the square footage you want, you can buy a modular home for between $60,000 - $100,000.


With the increased demand of seniors looking to downsize and so many others trying to find high quality yet affordable housing, it’s no wonder that modular homes are making a huge comeback. By using sustainable building practices, offering innovative designs, and providing eco-friendly options, a modular home might be the perfect housing option for you.



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