Beach Themed Rooms and How To Achieve This Great Look

How do you get started on achieving a relaxing beach-themed room?




The sea has always been alluring—especially if we live far from the beach. There always seems to be a magnetic force telling us to get some saltwater and sand. The beach provides a calm, blissful and easygoing vibe and it’s no wonder so many are propelled to bring this feel indoors. Whether it’s going to be the kid’s room, bathroom, your bedroom, or even the home office, this beach-themed room will definitely make you feel more relaxed compared to a "regular" room.



So, just how can you get started on achieving a relaxing beach-themed room?



Back to Basics



1. Tidy up your space

Before you start decorating, the first thing to do is to clean out the room. Use storage to organize small items, get rid of unnecessary things, create more space and essentially, declutter. No calm will come from a room full of so much stuff lying around.


2. Scan your room

Once you’re finished tidying up, look around the room. Do you have a window where natural light can come in? How big is the window? What accessories and furniture doesn’t seem to fit with the serenity of the sea? What colors do you want to use?


3. Start the planning

Envision how you want the room to look and get inspiration from creating mood boards as these can help too. In this step, determine the color palette you want to use. There are no strict rules— you can use hues of blues and neutrals and then accessorize, as long as the colors are being drawn from natural colors of the beach.








This might just be your favorite part of this project. Remember to stick to your color schemes and theme. Don’t beat yourself up to find perfection, but don’t over accessorize either. It’s important to find a balance of calmness, creating space and bringing in the right textures into the room.


1. Use natural elements as furniture

Don’t worry if your pieces of furniture aren’t shiny. In fact, imperfect finishes in wood is an excellent complement to your beach theme.

● Natural elements like rattan, bamboo, and other wood will step up your beach vibe.
● We showed you how to make beach-themed storage, which you can also use for this project. You can recreate it to be bigger or smaller, depending on the room and functionality you’re looking for.


2. Use beach-themed curtains and sheets

If you have a window, this can be a great space to utilize for that beach theme. Vision Bedding has lots of beach window curtains you can customize to make your room look amazing. Then, just find sheets to make your room look like your favorite beach.

● Look for sheets that have beach designs like shells, sand, or the ocean itself.
● For kids, you can use prints of mermaids or fishes, etc.
● You can pick hessian or other natural fibers for throw pillows and rugs to complement your beachy curtains and sheets


3. Use shells, sand and beach art

As for décor, there are lots of options to choose from. From the walls to what’s displayed on shelves you’ll have a lot to work with to incorporate the beach into your room.

● You can include beach art, such as paintings of marine creatures or photographs of a beautiful beach sunset.
● Shell-framed mirrors or shell wind chimes are also beautiful and easy-to-find additions
● Wooden oars can help you kick your boy’s room up a notch.

These are pieces you can purchase or make by yourself. If you have pretty stones and shells you saved from your last beach trip, you can use them to accentuate your décor by putting them in empty fish bowls or cocktail glasses on your desk or table. You can find seashells and sand for sale online as an option too.


4. Add a rustic lamp

The right lamp can also add beauty to your beach theme. If you’re decorating a kid’s room, there are many lamps with patterns that can make the room more fun. If you’re doing your bedroom, living room or home office, you can look for lamps with a coastal feel.

● Find a lamp that incorporates ropes or driftwood, these are sure to add to your beach theme
● Make sure you use warmer light rather than fluorescent to keep everything from looking washed out



Finishing touches

So you’ve done your decorating. Now it’s time to finalize the aesthetics for your perfect beach-themed room.


1. Bring in a few indoor plants

Don’t hesitate to add a few indoor plants in the room to make it feel more authentic. Besides, plants can be beneficial for your health too.


2. Open the curtains at daytime

If you have a window, you can open the curtains so natural light can enter the room. If the room is facing a view of a pool or the beach itself, opening the curtains will give the feeling that your room is an extension of the beach and gives the illusion of a bigger space.


3. Add to the ambiance of the beach-themed room

You also have an option to add ocean scented candles or play calming music like the sound of waves—these will come in handy when you need that kind of environment to soothe your nerves or make you feel blissful.

There are many ideas on how you can create the perfect beach-themed room in your home. The best thing about this theme is its versatility. What are you waiting for? Turn your dull, boring room into one that reminds you of your favorite beach today!





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