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Decorate a holiday flat or apartment

Whether you fully own your holiday flat or apartment or rent out the apartment when not in use, you will want to fill the space with furniture and accessories that not only add elegance and style but also create a space that is comfortable and relaxing.


There's no reason why you can't combine beautiful design and casual comfort by splurging on a few designer pieces and saving a buck or two by making a few essential items of your own.

High style and classic elegance are brought together in this holiday apartment, with its upholstered sofa and contemporary Corbusier chaise. But taker a closer look... is that a homemade pallet coffee table in the centre of the room?

No matter how stylish or trendy your holiday apartment, there's always space for the personal touch, and in this case it's a mobile coffee table made from reclaimed timber pallets.

An ultra-mod kitchen takes on a more personal touch with reclaimed wood crates for shelving. Contrasting with the white subway tile, the display creates an eclectic atmosphere that turn this holiday flat into a home-away-from-home.





Reclaimed furniture and made pieces can save you a fortune when decorating a holiday home. Whether you make the furniture yourself or shop around for bargains, you will find beautiful pieces that can be left as is, or given a paint treatment to match your existing decor. For example, this beautiful farmhouse table below is touched up with a limewash finish to match the white decor in the kitchen / dining room.

When shopping around for pieces to decorate a holiday apartment or flat don't just look and discard. Sometimes the unusual makes for an exciting eye-catching item that can be put to practical use, like this industrial shelf unit.

Industrial throw-aways can be used in a variety of ways when decorating a home. Love these stainless steel catering cabinets that have been turned into kitchen counters. Auction and liquidation sales are a great place to pick up items that can be put back into use in other ways.

Browse around salvage yards for old wood that you can use to make your own unique pieces of furniture. Oregon pine flooring frames a simple mirror with a rustic touch. The bathroom vanity is made using a steel office shelf unit topped off with reclaimed flooring boards and finished with a liming wax technique.