Designer ceiling ideas

We share with you a selection of designer ceiling ideas that are used to transform the most beautiful rooms.


Architectural Digest

Does a ceiling have to be white?

As the room above shows, a ceiling does not have to be pure white. In fact, in this room there is no pure white as the ceiling is painted in the same colour as the surrounding wall trim. Moulding is applied to the ceiling itself, with detail trim and crown moulding for elegance and to take this design just a notch above spectacular.

Tutto Interiors

Incorporate subtle lighting

Working your ceiling design around existing lighting can be a challenge. Exact measurements need to be taken beforehand to ensure a perfect ceiling design. LED light technology comes to the rescue when wanting to add lighting to an existing ceiling, with wafer-thin design that allows installation almost anywhere in a home - including a ceiling.

Aspen Ridge Homes

Indirect light a contemporary option

Cove lighting is a popular lighting option for many modern and contemporary homes. Indirect cove lighting offers lighting that is smooth and reflected without irritating the eyes. This type of lighting installation requires that a bulkhead be fitted around the perimeter of a room, and a bulkhead can be as small - or as large - as the space allows.



More detail with crown moulding and colour

To accent the ceiling pattern and add even more detail to a room, crown moulding can be incorporated as part of the ceiling design. In the room above, the border between the ceiling pattern and crown moulding are painted primarily in a light blue colour that is also used on the wall, and repeated in the soft furnishings.

Ceiling patterns to match your style

In the living room above you can see an example of how detail can be added on a ceiling that complements the design of a room. The geometric design above takes its cues from the furniture below, while dark walls and trim highlight the ceiling and make it an eye-catching feature.

Detail on a concrete ceiling

Concrete slab ceilings are prevalent in many townhouse or apartments, but this doesn't mean that you can't have a designer ceiling. Moulding detail can be applied to any ceiling.

Designer ceiling for any room

Designer ceilings look good in any room, including a bedroom. In rooms with high ceilings, or rooms lacking in detail, the ceiling can become an instant feature, so why lie in bed looking at blank ceilings when you can be inspired by a beautiful ceiling. Combine a detailed ceiling with crown moulding and wainscoting or trim for even more impact.

Adapted from article by Alex Moulding.