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Luxury treehouse home

The Woodsman's Treehouse is a totally private and unique experience set high up in the branches of a veteran oak - a place to recoup, restore and revive.


The Woodsman's Treehouse is all about being immersed in nature and being able to enjoy and admire the surrounding forest. The design incorporates plenty of wood craftsmanship throughout, along with a variety of additional materials that are either found or made in the surrounding woods.

Built on tall stilts, the Woodsman's Treehouse sits high up amongst the branches of three oak trees. It is a substantial structure that has been carefully designed to not stress the trees in any way. With that in mind, we believe that the tree has grown in response to its environment and as such should be left well alone.

Taking five months to complete, the house itself features luxurious fittings one would not normally expect in a treehouse; a king-sized bed, an eye-catching copper bath and a rotating fireplace that can be pointed in any direction. The thick insulating wooden walls feature picture windows that offer woodland views.

Wanting a grown-up, modern aesthetic for the structure, its functions are arranged around a central octagon clad in alternating diagonal stripes of Douglas fir and cedar. A fully-equipped kitchen echoes the surrounding woods with its timber construction and natural design. The interior is warmed by a central wood stove that can be rotated to face the surrounding rooms.





No longer just the domain of children - being hastily slapped together from scrap wood as a fun place to play, over the past decade, craftspeople have seen the potential in treehouse design, with dreamy getaways high up in the treetops. The Woodsman's Treehouse brings a modern spin to classic treehouse aesthetics with cladding in oak shingles and laths, giving the structure a striking textural palette.

Take the spiral staircase up to the roof/spa deck, where you'll find a hot tub and a sauna. It's rather special to be relaxing up amongst the branches, looking through the woods towards the sunset.


On the huge rear deck there is a wood-fired pizza oven and braai, as well as an outdoor tree showers - supplied with endless piping hot water. It's ideal in the rain or snow!

Set within the Dorset, England, the Woodsman’s Treehouse is a beautiful example of luxury treehouse design, combining all of the classic elements of treehouse camping with full-on resort amenities.